Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bag In The Bush

Last Saturday while I went to my book signing in Leesburg, Dan took the kids to Calvary Assembly for an Easter Egg hunt and other events that were happening on the grounds. When I came home I heard all about the pony rides, the hanging donut my youngest kept trying to eat, and waiting in line for face painting.

Dan relayed to me that he’d forgotten to bring the girls’ Easter baskets. I would have done the same thing. I guess at first he thought the girls wouldn’t be able to get eggs because they didn’t have any container to hold them in. So he tried to explain to them, “Guys I’m sorry, maybe another time.” The girls were disappointed and he felt bad. He told me that as he began walking back to the car, he happen to look in a bush, and someone had left a plastic grocery bag there. It was perfect to give to the youngest and let her hunt Easter eggs. Sure some may call it a coincidence, or maybe littering, but that bag allowed my youngest to get eggs. There was a need and it was provided.

Philippians 4:19(ESV)
19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Maybe something so small as a grocery bag in a bush doesn’t make you excited but Dan really felt it was a provision he really wanted.

So often we neglect the small things in life. We neglect to be thankful that we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies, when we’re believing for other things. If we’re not careful we can sound ungrateful. It’s like saying, “Sure God, I’m happy you helped me get gas in my car today…but what about this? Or that? “ Spend some time today thanking Him for the little things. Thank Him that you have a boss, even if you may not always like him. Be thankful you have a car, even if you think it should have been replaced years ago. Be thankful for your health. Be thankful for Him!

Psalm 57:9I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations.

Be encouraged that God meets your needs. If you are His kiddo, He’ll take care of you. You just have to trust Him. Remember He has awesome plans for your life. Get Excited!

~*~*~*~ OH and BTW, this Friday is the radio interview! IF you get a chance I will be on the radio from 10-12, and you can hear this anywhere in the world from I don't know if I'll be on the whole two hours or just a portion. But would love for you to take a listen :-)

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