Monday, June 25, 2012

Second Chance Scarf

When we were in Canada last week we visited a local attraction called Calisanti’s, which is about an hour outside of Windsor. It’s a fun half day attraction. I’m sure it started simply out of a garden center, but now it’s evolved into a small zoo, an arcade, small rides, food court, and a gift center. While we were browsing through the gift shop, I came across a scarf I fell in love with. It wasn’t that expensive and I flip flopped if I should buy it. For some reason I wrestled in my head if I should buy it like one would pull taffy. I reasoned I shouldn’t. We were up there traveling, I was trying to be cheap, and just told myself I shouldn’t get it. However I kept feeling the Holy Spirit drop in my spirit to go ahead and buy it. Maybe it sounds odd to some, but I just felt I should just treat myself. But, I didn’t. I totally ignored that. I knew when we got back to my in-laws I missed out, and it was my fault. It bugged me. I tend to have a one track mind about some things, so I started looking online trying to find a scarf that was somewhat similar to the one that I missed out on. I spent too long looking over eBay. I found one that while it wasn’t the exact same one, I liked it and was about to go ahead and order it. However I waited. On Saturday when I went into Hope Crossing in Marion to do a book signing they had almost the exact same scarf as the one I was getting ready to purchase online, and it was $2 cheaper. I walked out of that book signing with a scarf. That while it may not have been the one I missed out on at Calisanti’s, but was a scarf I do really like. I realize too many this story seems trite and unimportant, but to me it was all about second chances. I know it may sound like an odd comparison but just like my scarf God loves to give people second chances when people mess up. Luke 15:11-32, is the story about the prodigal son. His story was the ultimate second chance story. He left his family, gambled his money, and ended up dirt broke. But God/His Father gave him a second chance, and rejoiced that he learned from his mistake. If you find yourself in a place where you will admit you’ve made a mistake today remember that God is into second chances. He loves you. He knows we’re not perfect, but trust Him that it will all work out. Course I confess the next time I’m at Calisanti’s I’ll look for another scarf, but I’m excited the way it all worked out. Now when I look at the scarf I bought I’ll call it my “Second Chance Scarf”, and remember to stop sweating the small stuff. Remember, God has awesome plans for your life. Get Excited. *IF you are in Jackson, OH this weekend is my Jackson week. I have a book signing at the Tea Caddy on Saturday July 30th from 1-4. I’d love to see you there. And here is a new video that Pastor Paxton just released with us on Gettysburg. Hope you enjoy it!

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