Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Messages from a Freaked out Beta Fish

Dan and the girls brought a few more fish into our family this weekend. There was a small cat fish, a freshwater angel fish, and a beta fish that was added to our gold fish. I never knew you could add beta fish to a general population, but I guess as long as the other fish are non-aggressive you can. However, when they were going to buy them it was discovered that the cat fish was way too aggressive, and they would have to put the beta in something else. Long story short it was discovered that the cat fish was so aggressive they had to sequester it and put the beta in the regular fish tank. So this beta fish that has since been named 'Unique' that has spent the majority of its life in a tiny plastic container is now in my 20 gallon fish tank. 'Unique' was a tad freaked out to say the least. What is interesting is many fish grow to the size the fish tank will allow. We've had some of the smallest puniest gold fish grow fairly big in out tank. That happens a lot of time in life doesn't it? The larger of the situation God puts you in, the more you'll grow? Sometimes it means God will take you out of a place because you've outgrown it, and put you in someplace bigger because the time has come. Sometimes like 'Unique' you're so used to being in such a tiny place, at first the larger one can freak you out. You have to realize that you need to trust God no matter how big the place, or how small the place your in may feel to you. Isaiah 54:2-3. (NIV) "Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left, And your descendents shall inherit the nations, And make desolate cities inhabited." To many of you reading this, I believe this will just come as confirmation, but there is a season of enlarging the place of your tent that is fast coming to you. I'm not saying to go buy a bigger house, if you think that you've missed the point. What I am saying is that its time for you to think outside the limitations you've put on yourself. Its time to swim with the bigger fish, and its time for you to go past your freaked out moments. Renew your mind to the fact that God is faithful and He is God. Transition is never easy, but in order for you to grow to the next level you have to be put in a bigger tank. Think on that for a time, to some of you I believe God is going to speak to you regarding this. Remember God has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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