Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Training up Mojo

            Yesterday morning was a rough morning.  I was stressed about some things and had only slept two hours. 

            My kids, dog (Mojo) and I are enjoying a few weeks at my parents in Ohio, and any time you travel it can have its own situations at arrive.  My dog Mojo isn’t used to a yard as big as my parents have, and though they have a buried electric dog fence Mojo is too small to put that dog collar on him.  Usually at home we don’t really have a problem with him running off; however we’ve had to watch him here.  Yesterday morning, though I’d only had two hours of sleep he was on a toot.  It’s been an unusually wet summer up here so my parents’ yard has giant water puddles everywhere. 

            Mojo’s eyes twinkled as he realized I’d mistakenly let him off the leash so he could play with my aunt’s dog.  He looked at me and bolted through the yard, and through the puddles.

            “Mojo come!”  I yelled running after him.  I was barefoot chasing him.  Mud and water flew as I saw him edge his way to the woods towards my aunt and uncle’s home!  Mojo stopped.  I could see he was thinking about whether to keep going, or to stop.  I think he realized how mad at him I was, so he took off running towards my aunt.

            Being barefoot didn’t bother me until I hit the gravel pathway in the woods.  Now I’m yelling “You dumb dog!  Come!”  Limping along I got to the clearing, to see him run around their house and head toward the road.

            This was about the time my aunt came out and realized what was going on.  She called him.  He stopped in the road, darted past me and headed straight for her.  He knew he was in trouble, and was avoiding me at all cost. 

            Needless to say, though the scene of me standing on my aunt’s porch barefoot, mud splattered and exhausted was comical, I was a lot ticked off at a cute little miniature dachshund named Mojo.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

            Obviously Mojo isn’t one of my kids.  I realize he’s a dog.  However, puppy or not, he’s not as well trained as I thought he was.  It’s apparent that we need to do more training. 

            When God puts us in times of training we tend to think it’s the worst thing in the world.  Perhaps we get angry or annoyed at God.  But training is a good thing.  Just like Mojo, if he won’t come back to me than what’s going to happen?  He’ll run out into the road?  Get hit? Never come back?  God puts us in situations to train us, so that when it’s important we follow what He is saying we will do what He says.  Obviously we aren’t dogs, God wants us to have a free will, but He also needs us to do what He says to do.  He sees the bigger picture.  We have to trust Him for training!  He is faithful to us!

            Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.



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