Monday, September 9, 2013

False Advertising?

Mojo our dog and I have struck up a bit of a battle.  I try to buy him a toy here and there, and I think he tries to see how quickly he can destroy it.  So far I have found only one toy he has yet to completely annihilate in under a day.  Yesterday I bought the toy he’s destroying here.  My oldest and I were at Wal-Mart.  The bin of Dog toys advertised a particular brand and how durable and indestructible their brand of dog toys was.  We looked deciding what he possibly couldn’t destroy and settled on one.  Mojo was excited when I brought it home.  He knew he had a new toy.  I think he had it torn to pieces in less than two hours.  I’ve already worded a nicely worded email to the company that if my 13 pound mini dauschaund can destroy their toy in less than two hours than perhaps it’s not as durable as they advertised.  Really Mojo is a good dog; for the most part he only does this to his own toys.
Isn’t it irritating when something is advertised as being one thing, and makes all these claims, then you find out what you buy isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be?  False advertising is annoying and sometimes you feel as if you’ve just given into a snake oil salesman.
I have found that our culture as a result as gotten very skeptical regarding just about everything as a result.  Our church recently had a gas station built next to it.  So as a result our church gave away free $5 gift cars for an outreach this past week.  My family and I along with Mojo, and many others in our church went out to give away the gift cards.  It was an awesome outreach where I heard two people gave their lives to Christ, but as I stood out on the street trying to get traffic to pull into the church parking lot most people wanted to know what the ‘catch’ was.  Many wouldn’t stop to get the free gas because they were so skeptical of what we were doing.
While there are many in the world that would try to lead you with false advertising, God isn’t like that.  He’s not giving you a “wait if you act now we’ll include an extra non-stick set of knives too’ kind of God.  His word is simple.  If you act now, and live for him He’s promising you eternal life in heaven.  You’re going to spend it somewhere, and I have news for you I’d so much rather spend it in heaven than the alternative.  Hell isn’t pretty.  You don’t have to be skeptical on the gift Jesus gave you at the cross.  He did it for you.  It’s that simple.  He’s not trying to sell you a load of false goods.  He’s clear about his intentions in the Bible.  You don’t need to be skeptical of Him.  He advertises that He LOVES YOU…and he means it!
Remembers God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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