Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't loose your shoes!

I took a part time seasonal job this year. About a month ago I went to work deciding that I was going to wear one of my favorite pair of shoes. They were these burgundy wedges that I’d had for probably nine years now, but they were really comfortable. I should have known the shoes had worn out their use when I was in the parking lot going into work and the strap broke. But always trying making the best out of everything I got up to my department and stapled the strap back on thinking that they would at least last me until the end of the evening. We had a customer call in the store and he’d lost something in one of the dressing rooms. I didn’t bother to look in my lost and found log and instead transferred him to the department in which the item was lost. He called back I transferred him again. Long story short eventually while he was holding for this other department I figured out that I’d had his item. I went running through the store trying to find where I’d placed his call. I had no way of getting back in contact with him. Suddenly the insoles of one of my shoes tore off of the wedge. The shoes were flopping around while I went from department to department trying to look for this call. Suddenly my shoes were flopping all over the place. I can only imagine what security must have been thinking at the look of me as I took off the shoes and ran around the store barefoot. Eventually I made it back to my department only to rip off the wedges and wear the insoles like sandals. Strangely it worked for the rest of the night, and eventually the customer got his stuff back. Of course I had to tell him that I cared so much about his items that I was willing to sacrifice my shoes. In the end I had most everyone around me cracking up at this story.

Ephesians 6:15 says, “And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace” Shoes are often times in the Bible symbolic of your peace. I love what Pastor Greg Squires of Freedom Life Ministries says about peace. He always calls it an aggressive force against the enemy. When I lost my shoes in the physical it would have been really easy for me to loose my peace. It would have been very easy for me to get all frustrated and yelling at everyone around me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little annoyed with the situation but I did my best to laugh at myself despite of what I looked like and kept going.

Proverbs 24:16a says, “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again” I’ve come to the conclusion that often times we might fall and loose our shoes but we must just get up and keep going. In the words of Dory from finding Nemo. . . .just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Romans 14:22 in the Message Bible says, “Cultivate your own relationship with God, but don't impose it on others. You're fortunate if your behavior and your belief are coherent. But if you're not sure, if you notice that you are acting in ways inconsistent with what you believe—some days trying to impose your opinions on others, other days just trying to please them—then you know that you're out of line. If the way you live isn't consistent with what you believe, then it's wrong.”

My point that I’m trying to make people, is stay consistent in life. No matter what happens. If your shoes fall apart and you’re sure someone in security is watching its okay. Just go with it. Enjoy your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember who you are and who is inside of you. The greater one is in you that He that is in the world! Life is too short to get all worked up and bothered about things that happen. Be at peace!


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