Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Public Statement about my Dad's POW status

Dear Readers and Friends,

I felt the need to address some concerns that have been raised about my father’s POW status. While I believe this turmoil has long since simmered out and that I won’t have another issue about it again, there are still some websites out there that would seek to discredit me. There was even one gentleman who went so far to question my faith. I wanted to take a moment to address those concerns. As I do believe it’s simmered down, I also believe that I should post a public statement. By putting it on my blog it remains public.

My dad was a grunt soldier in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. He was in the 1st 28th. I grew up listening to his stories. I never knew he was captured as a POW for only a few days and escaped, until I was in college and was told this story by the only person in my family he ever confessed it to. My father will not discuss it. He is not on the official POW list because his troop was still in the field and he returned to his duty. Therefore he was never labeled as a POW. He does not want this status and refuses to accept the fact he did earn this label. He says he’s not a POW that John McCain is and he wants to leave it at that. Because of my first publication there were some questions raised about the validity of this story. I did discover there are people still living that were witness to the fact my dad was captured. However my father wants his capture as a book closed. Out of respect and honor for him, I will not press this issue any more. When I am able to have his story “Come, They Told Me” published, because of this conflict, I plan on marketing that book as fiction and just put the label that it’s based on a true story on it.

To those that raised the issue about the truth, I understand where your coming from. I hold no ill thoughts toward you. I want you to know that I would be mad too if someone was trying to falsify the truth. I have felt for years one of the groups of people that I am called to minister to is the Vets. I understand your concern. Please try to think the best of me. Know it’s never been my intention to mislead anyone, nor do I feel that I have. My father was a POW, he’s just not on the official list because he chooses not to. I feel that is his choice he’s earned. Know I love you all, even if you’ve raised concerns, and I pray for all of the Vets regularly.

I have learned in life that I will never please everyone. If I’ve offended you, I’m sorry. But I maintain that I have done nothing but tell the truth.

In Christian Love,

Anna M. Aquino


  1. Anna,

    Sorry to hear of your distress, but the issue you raise is not rare. Many times in war things occur that for one reason or another do not end up in the official record. Perhaps the witness later died in war and was unable to tell the story, maybe everyone died and nobody could tell the story, or maybe due to paperwork, it was never finished. There have been several people overlooked during war.

    Unfortunately, your father served in a time of extreme turmoil. I think you are right in respecting his wish and leaving the situation alone. You, and others, must remember that he was there and your father and a handful of other know the truth. They may be the only ones to ever know the truth and that may be the way they want it.

    We may be very surprised to find out what the person who lives next door to us has done or given for our country.

  2. Thank you. You are very true. I do think as I said this issue has simmered down, I wanted however to post a public statement because there are still a few posts from websites lingering on the web that I didn't feel the need to try to defend the story, but to publically from me say what I needed. You're absolutley right that there are many unsung heroic individuals out there.
    Smiles. :-)