Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebrity or President?

****This is not post for or against any president or for any political party. . . just a commentary on the office as it is in modern times. . . call it a random rant if you will*****

George Washington was voted as our first president. It wasn't based on how his Jay Leno appearances went or what tie he wore. He became president because of his ability to lead a country as a General. He'd willingly staked his own life for the land and the cause of a greater good. He'd put everything on the line. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Adams...our founding fathers were men who led a nation. It wasn't about a power suit but freedoms do or die. Maybe idealistic, but I want this country to be a nation again where the media is not the ultimate driving force; a place where people of honor and integrity can run for office and not just ones with a billion or two to loose. Historically FDR has been heralded as one of our best presidents, but a man who was wheelchair bound w/polio...what would the TV cameras and the Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walter's specials do to him today? I realize campaigns are popularity contests, but when did the presidency become more celebrity and less a General that has walked the walk?

If some think my naivety is my moral compass, I caution you my point is quite clear.

I want a Commander and Chief for a President and not merely a person who plays one on TV.

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