Monday, January 14, 2013

My Christmas Miracle

A few weeks ago when my family and I were in Windsor Canada, Dan and I went to the Tecumseh Mall. Like any mall just days before Christmas, it was crowded. The hustle and bustle of commercialization clung to the walls and lights everywhere. There wasn’t a line up to see Santa and even though I thought it would be fun for Dan and I to take a picture with Santa he did not. The foot court smelled of greasy French fries and like moths to a flame those Canadians love their Tim Horton’s.

I carried my Acer Tablet with me in the mall because I didn’t want to leave it in the car. I didn’t want to chance my mom’s car getting broken into, so I thought it would be safer for me to carry it in. Dan and I looked around some stores and then met the girls and my in-laws in the food court. However when we got up, unbeknownst to me, I let the tablet. I was more worried about the couple dollar store items we’d bought, getting out to the parking lot, and getting the kids hustled off and I totally forgot about it.

On the way back to the house, it didn’t occur to me that I didn’t have it. It wasn’t until we were about to pull into my in-laws drive did I realize my mistake, and I started to panic.

“Dan, we need to go back to the mall.” I was so mad at myself and questioned even going back to the mall. I just knew my tablet was gone, and it was my fault. There was no way I would ever see it again. While my mind was racing against me, the most amazing peace came on me. It was just a tablet and all was going to be okay. I knew Dan was upset with me, as he turned around and we went back.

As I walked around people in the food court I knew the tablet wouldn’t still be where we were sitting and it wasn’t. I made my way back to the office and tried to explain myself to them. As I told them my story I knew by his face he didn’t think I’d see that tablet again. He smiled and tried to reassure me and quickly got on the radio system to the mall security.

Minutes later two men came to the mall office in smiles, “About ten minutes later and I would have put this on kajiji (Canadian’s craigslist) for extra Christmas spending money.” Gruffed the mall cop at me. He handed me my tablet back. Evidently right after I’d left it he saw it and picked it up. I jokingly told him he restored my love of Canadians.

I know me leaving my tablet was my stupid mistake, but I did get it back. While I’ve been calling it my Christmas miracle, I do think that God protected my stuff that day. In Psalms 91 God talks about how He will protect his children. In this case, I believe it was grace and some protection. Whatever it was, there is just another testimony to me that even when we mess up, God has mercy. He does protect us and our stuff. He did that for me, and I know He does that for you too.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life. Get Excited!

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