Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shower Gymnastics

My family knows that I always joke that “This momma is not doing emergency room visits especially when we are out of the country!” We travel to Canada a few times a year to see my in-laws and kids are kids and have their share of accidents. We’ve had a couple times where I thought we’d end up in a Canadian ER but haven’t yet. Not that I wouldn’t go if we really needed it but going would create piles of paperwork that I would rather avoid if possible.

This year however I was the one that I thought may end up in the Canadian ER. All women who read this will laugh in understanding of my clumsiness. I needed to shave my legs in the shower. It gets slippery in there. Put someone… anyone in a small space with slick surfaces that are being covered in water and give them a razor, there is bound to be accidents.

I stood in the shower that morning with one leg resting on the wall at about chest level, and using the other one to support my weight. Water poured down all over me, and just for a moment in glimpse of clarity, I heard what I thought was myself, “This would be very bad if you slipped right now. Nah…I’m not going to slip. I’m fine.” It was after that brief moment of mental common sense that my back foot slipped. The next thing I knew I came crashing down in the tub and as I looked up into the shower head, I kept thinking, “I have to move because if I don’t their going to have to break the door down and get my naked butt out of here.” (Sorry for the visual) Eventually as I managed to work my way out of the tub and take stock of my injuries, I had a bruised shoulder, bruised knee and a cut on my left heel where I must have hit the tracks to the shower door with it…. and a bit of a bruised ego when I had to go downstairs and explain what that loud boom was that everyone heard in the house. Honestly I don’t know how I didn’t shatter the door with my foot.

As I laid there I kept thinking how I had heard so clearly before all of this that what I was doing wasn’t a good idea. Honestly I’m convinced it was the Holy Spirit trying to warn me, and I ignored the warning.

So often we think that when God speaks to us it has to be this huge booming earth quaking life altering moment. Yes, there can be those moments. However there are also those still small voice moments (1Kings 19:12) that we have to learn to be sensitive to and to pay attention to them. Honestly in the years I’ve walked in the Spirit, most of the time He speaks in the still small voice. It wasn’t God’s fault I had just attempted a back tuck in the shower. It was my klutzy moment. I know he tried to warn me.

Let my moment of shower gymnastics remind you to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Be sensitive to what He is saying. Don’t ignore Him. He knows your future, and fortunately in my case I wasn’t emergency room hurt. But I do consider it a lesson well learned.

Remember He has awesome plans for your life. Get excited.

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