Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Since 9/11


Twelve years ago my parents, my oldest daughter (then an infant) and I were in a hotel room in Cocoa Beach, FL.  My mom and I had walked down to get breakfast, and when the spunky petite waitress announced that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.   It hadn’t occurred to me that America and our world was forever changed.  Honestly we didn’t understand the severity of what happened.  My mom and I finished out breakfast, and found my dad outside.  Together we made our way back to the room, and stayed there glued to the TV starring in horror for the better part of the day.  I was watching Tom Browkaw try to hold it together as the first tower fell, and then the second.  I watched in horror as we realized the Pentagon had been flown into and as the plane on the field was discovered.  Being there in that moment only minutes down the road from an Air Force Base, with my father who was a grunt soldier in Vietnam, watching our world change seemed like a mournful surreal out-of-body experience.  There was something poetic happening and shifting that I didn’t know how to put into words.

Many of you know that I have felt for years that my central focus in what I feel God called me to is to be a prophetic voice to this nation.  For years I battled with that.  I wanted to go overseas to missions.  In my mind it would be easier.  Americans for years have just seemed to be a bit harder to reach.  Maybe it’s our ‘seen it all done it all’ attitude.  But God kept telling me the work He had for me for the most part was here on this soil. 

I was raised to love this country.  My dad would spend after dinner’s filling my young mind with stories of war and honor.  My first book, though to this date not published, is my dad’s story.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never believed America was perfect.  However my love for God and country has almost seemed as if it was woven in the same tapestry and so very closely intertwined to unravel one would seem to unravel the very fabric of who God created me.  No matter how hard liberals try they will never be able to rewrite the truth of the foundation of this nation. Though they are trying to rewrite the text books, the truth will always stay the truth. America has been so blessed as a people because we were founded on the Bible.  Our founding fathers were not perfect but were men of God who felt like they were fulfilling their mission in life by forming America.  Our laws, our culture, and our policies for years were based on the Bible.  The only reason why the term separation of church and state were ever coined was because people believed the government of America didn’t have the right to dictate what a person believed.  It was never to kick God out of the government but to ensure freedom from being forced by the government.

While the integrity of this nation has been attacked for years and we’ve slowly compromised more and more on the very foundation, it’s as if in the last 12 years I’ve watched us sway further and further from its core.  Freedom of speech is being thrown out the window. When is it that a bakery owned by Christians who do not believe in homosexual marriage should be forced by the government to either go out of business or to bake a cake?  How is that democracy?  People have a right to choose in their business who to serve or not.   When it’s legal to threaten the lives of the business owners, but illegal to state your opinion? This is a failure and travesty to our Constitution.  When our news programs and Media have gotten so bias to their left winged agenda’s we’ve lost freedom of the press. People who speak and unbiased world view are being forced out of the business.  Where is it okay to murder innocent children in the womb without people caring?  When our children go to school, and they are forced to learn every other faith but Christianity, where is the freedom in that?  When people in our military are now being demoted for their faith in God, where is the freedom in that?  When the question of the 2nd Amendment keeps getting played out, and more and more laws are inhibiting people to have a handgun, because of a few crazy people, where is that the freedom my forefathers fought for in this nation? In what crazy mind does it make sense to go step into another country’s war that in doing so we’d be helping terrorist groups and essential they very people that bombed us on 9/11? When is it democratic to force me to have a particular type of healthcare?  Yes our healthcare system is broken and needs fixed, but forcing someone to do what you want isn’t democratic.  It’s socialistic. 

We have forgotten in this country that the politicians, educations system, and media technically work for us.  We’ve become so politically correct that we’ve allowed ourselves to be bulldozed by an agenda that doesn’t reflect the masses in this country but a small percentage.  We’ve been lulled to sleep by comfort, and have forgotten that something are things in life worth fighting for and holding up to a higher standard.

As I write this blog, I write it in tears.  I have been mourning my nation for some time now.  Sure I’ll probably get a few hate emails for this.  That is not my intention.  But to say I no longer can see myself as a Christian and an American in the same breath.  The line in the sand has been drawn so to speak, and I have to establish in my mind which comes first.  I am a Christian.  We Christians in America can no longer sit back and watch the foundation that so many have given up their lives to establish erode by the waves of an ocean of godlessness and unrighteousness.

So what can we do?  Begin to pray.  Pray Christian American’s like you never have before.  Intercede for this country!  Stop fighting amongst ourselves and let’s start rallying to unity.  We are so caught up in our petty churchy arguments while the unrighteous in this nation unites against us.  It’s no wonder their agendas are being heard.  Speak UP!  Email and call your congressmen and senators.  I realize that this seems like a long shot but if many of us do it our voices can be heard.  I don’t recommend turning into terrorists, do not go and start shooting or bombing anything. .. But the tongue is a sword (Psalms 64:3).  Get educated on the matters.  Stop voting for unrighteous people just because of their gender, race, ethnicity, or the color of their tie.  Get out from behind your living room TV’s and WAKE UP!  America is at a crossing point, and I for one will not give up the Constitution without a fight. 

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

It’s time we wake up as a nation, and shake off the dust of immorality and the fear that has kept the church gag ordered sitting in a corner.  If we all do our part, change can and will happen.  Attached is a link to one of my favorite songs.  Michael W. Smith is singing about America “There She Stands.”

God has awesome plans for your life and the nations of the earth.  Get excited.




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