Monday, June 23, 2014

Careful Where You're Aiming That...

            Greetings from Ohio,
            It’s been an interesting week in our new surroundings:  We’re excited to be finally attending Faith Life Church, My children have been hanging out with family and in my parents pool,  I think they are developing fish gills, I’ve learned that most of my household stuff fits in a garage, and that sometimes we all need some downtime to hear the voice of God for the next season.
            Since moving, I have discovered a love of archery.  My parents have had a target range for guns set up in their back yard.  I have always been a supporter of the 2nd Amendment but have never loved shooting a lot.  I have recently found out I really like the bow and arrow.  I’m not sure how long or far I’ll take this, but I’ve already told Dan when we move closer to Johnstown to be near our church I want an archery range in the back yard. 
            My oldest daughter has also developed an enjoyment of the sport, and my youngest is trying but isn’t that into it.  She gets a little distracted and forgets that she’s pointing arrows towards people.  We’re trying to teach her that the arrow is a weapon, and just like a gun you can’t point it at anyone but to keep it aimed toward the ground.  This is taking some reminding. 
            A few days ago we were target shooting and while she was listening to my instructions, I looked up and saw an arrow aimed at me. 
            “Watch where you’re pointing that!”  I panicked.  She quickly moved it. 
            As I watched her adjust her posture, I realized that words and arrows are so similar.  So often we go through life and we forget that our words are  loaded weapon.  Too often we point them at people without thinking of the pain it might cause.  There are too many people wounded in life because they’ve been hit by ‘friendly fire’.  Sometimes this attack is done knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. 

Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. 
          There has been death to many a relationship because the ‘arrow’ has been pointed and misunderstood.  Let us all remember that words are powerful.  Just like we’re teaching my youngest not to point a loaded weapon at people, be careful where you point your tongue.  Life is too short to release arrows you can never get back.  I heard a child teaching exercise once where the instructor told kids to empty out a tube of toothpaste on a paper plate.  Then told them to put all the toothpaste back in the tube.  When the kids whined and complained that they couldn’t get the toothpaste back inside the tube, the announcer responded that words are the same way.  Once they are out, they can’t be put back.  Many of you who read this are probably asking about forgiveness.  Absolutely people can forgive each other when things are said that aren’t needed, however if you can think about it first. . . maybe you can opt not to release those words.  Think first and speak later.  That doesn’t mean you agree with everyone, or that you never speak your mind.  It means simply, season your words with love, ask the Lord how to say something, be careful how those arrows are released. 
            God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.

*Please continue to keep us in prayer.  We have a lot of doors that need to open and clarity that needs to come forth.  Adjusting is always a process.  Honestly because we visit here often I’m not sure it’s occurred to any of my family that we’re living here.  Perhaps when winter starts it might.  We are endeavoring to grab hold of what God is doing.  We appreciate your prayers.

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