Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pulling Back to Propel Forward

            I wrote in my last blog about how I have really been enjoying learning archery and today I have another thought along the lines of a bow and arrow. 
            In order for arrows to be launched forward they have to be pulled backwards.  They have to be pulled in what seems to be opposite of where it looks like they should be heading.  They have to strain to go to what seems to the wrong way before they can be launched into being the right way.
            In Proverbs 127:5 Children are compared to being arrows.  If you consider this along with Isaiah 55:11 where words are being sent from God and not returning to Him void but accomplishing what He sent, we as people are also arrows in the hand of God.  We are His children.  He sent us here for purpose and destiny.  We have things to accomplish for His Kingdom on the earth. 
            So sometimes there might be times in your life where God is leading you in what seems to be the opposite direction to where you want to go.  There are times where you have to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit to trust that He is setting you up.  When you allow yourself to be an arrow and follow His leading, that is where you’ll find some of your biggest breakthroughs and targets are ahead.  Perhaps that very thing that seems to be backwards to you at the moment will get you in position to be thrust into the very thing you’ve been praying for all along.  Where people miss this is when they absolutely refuse to go where God is leading and thus not allow God to line them up to where they need to go.  Submitting to the process is always worth it.
            Often it can be so easy to preach these things, but so very challenging to walk out. I write this blog out of my own personal stories and things my family and I are walking through at the moment.  It’s never easy to walk out the plans of God, but you are graced just as I am to step where He is leading.
            I want to encourage you all today, no matter what it looks like or what circumstances appear to be in the situation, Trust GOD!  He has a plan!  He has a Purpose!  You HAVE a destiny!  Perhaps that very thing that seems to be backwards is about to propel you forward.  Allow the TEST to be a TESTIMONY, and the MESS to get turned into a MESSAGE.

            God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited! 

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