Friday, December 12, 2014

Instructions for the End of your 'Time of Transition'.

            Today while driving back to get groceries I had an “aha” moment.  It was one of those moments were suddenly God seemed to connect the dots in my head.  It was a revelation by which I was tremendously blessed and instructed.  I believe that there are many who will read this, who have found themselves in similar places, learn from this Rhema moment.  While often my blogs are not outwardly prophetic in nature, this one is, so hold onto your hats people.  I hope God uses me here to speak to you in your season.
            This has been a time of great transitions in the body of Christ. I believe this has been going on for the last several years. I know of several people who are pursuing the things of God,  who have made major moves whether it be through business, church, location, etc. etc.  I personally believe that to those who are really hungry for and seeking after the things of God, God has been divinely placing His people where He chooses. (1 Corinthians 12:18)  For Dan and me, I can personally testify to this in our lives.  We’ve known for years we were going to move from FL, though we didn’t know where.  In the last six months: we’ve moved across the country, started new jobs, new assignments, new schools, met bunches of new people, and have found ourselves under a new covering (church and leaders).  These are all choices that we 100% know we are where God wants us to be in our lives. We have no regrets in these choices because they were God ordained.
            However for a while something has been stirring on the inside of me. Personally for Dan and me we have come through a wilderness season, to be right where God has told us that was our land.  We are no longer in the Wilderness so we need to mentally talk, think, and focus that where we were is not where we are now.  This has been bubbling on the inside of me for some time.  Then I found this Facebook post from one of my heroes in the faith Don Nori Sr, that I believe said it best, “WHERE ARE YOU LIVING? Listen to how you pray. Listen to how to talk. Listen to your perspective. These quickly tell you where you are living. Can a bird reason, make decisions as a fish? A person's perspective is the directing force of his life. Promised Land folk no longer reason as Wilderness folk. There is no cloud of smoke or pillar of fire in the Promised Land. Yet, it is where true union with God occurs. It is the place of genuine co-labor with God. It is where destiny is born, grows, and matures. Change, it happens every day.
            Today I began to think in my car as I was driving that the Israelites had to have gone through the same thing.  That they were no longer in Egypt, and they had to realize that part of their life though was meaningful and would always be with them was in the past.  As I was thinking this I kind of asked the Lord, “God it would be like you to have brought the Israelites to a test regarding this.” Suddenly as if the scales were removed from my eyes I saw it.
            In Exodus 32 Moses went up on the mountain, had a moment with God and received the Ten Commandments.  The people at the bottom of the mountain still had slavery on their brains.  They had recently left Egypt.  They had walked through miracle after miracle regarding the promises of God.  They saw his Word happening.  But God was now taking too long in their opinion.  In verse 1 it says, “When the people saw Moses delayed….”  It was then they got this idea to make a golden calf and worship this.  What happened?  They were still thinking in their old Egypt ways.  They had a crisis in their minds and the resorted back to their captivity.  It was their IMPATIENCE that made them MISS their promise.  As a result of this many of them died because in short God wasn’t happy they were worshipping the golden calf.  The longer they were left to their own devices the worst they seemed to regress into their old ways.  What would have happened had they simply believed and waited for their leader?  I believe the results would have been so much different.
            So how does this relate to all of you?  I believe that many of you are at the tail end of your transition.  I believe many of you have made the adjustments you needed, but here at the end is going to require some patience and trust in God.  I know people don’t get all giddy when you talk about trust and patience.  They’re not exactly words people want to shout about.  However people don’t make the wisest of choices when they are impatient.  You can’t go back to what God brought you out.  You can’t go back physically, you can’t go back spiritually, and you can’t go back emotionally.  God brought you out, so the place for you is forward.  Let God do what God told you He was going to do.  Just because things haven’t changed yet doesn’t mean they are not going to.  You are on the tail end of this season.  The chapter is turning and God is bringing you to a new season. You have to change your mindsets.  You are not struggling.  You are not going to barely squeak by in life.  You are an overcoming through Christ! 

Joshua 1:8 (ESV)

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.
            You will have good success!  So be of good cheer!  Walk away from the mindsets of the past and press forward to the place God has for you!  Do not loose heart if it looks like it is delayed, for God is victorious in your life! Be patient and trust God!
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!


  1. Thank you for this word! We've been waiting for 10 years for the promise God gave our family to come to pass. Praying this IS our season! God Bless and Merry Christmas!😊🎄

  2. Amen! The waiting is never easy but there is a Miracle worker in your midst. Trust Him. It will come to past!