Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harambe, The Cincinnati Zoo & the Tales of Parenting


By now just about everyone has probably heard the tragic story of a little 4 year old boy climbing/falling into a gorilla exhibit in the Cincinnati Zoo, the zoo choosing to kill Harambe ( a 17 year old gorilla), and the outcry that has ensued.  I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts.

I realize to some the video incident looks like Harambe was trying to protect the child, however I’ve also heard reports that this gorilla was banging the child’s head against the concrete and throwing the toddler around.  It was clear according to those who study animal behavior that the choice was either to kill the gorilla or to let the gorilla kill the child.  Jack Hanna who is a celebrity for his years with gorillas even said on the Today Show, “I can tell you now, that there's no doubt in my mind the child would not be here today if they hadn't made the decision," Hanna said. (http://womanista.com/2016/05/30/famed-animal-expert-jack-hanna-says-gorilla-would-have-killed-bo/)

When my kids were about that age we used to take them to GatorLand in Orlando, FL.  My husband was able to get tickets through his work.  I remember once before a show that they call “The Jumpin’ Gator Jamboree Show”.  In this particular show the unfed large gators jump out of the water for raw chicken parts that they string out on a clothes line.  Sure there is some dialogue that goes on between the brave soul that are in the show but that’s the just of it.  I remember once having my youngest daughter there and she couldn’t see the show. People crowd around this area, and if one is that small it would be hard to see.  My husband picked her up and started to set her on the ledge.  We didn’t think anything of it because there was still a rope mesh equal to the ledge before it went to the gator pit that is several feet wide.  The workers at the show had no part in that.  We were quickly told we weren’t even allowed to hold her near the ledge.  Why?  Because, if an accident were to happen and she could fall in, then the unfed gators could get her.  I remember people around us being frustrated with this rule because their own children wanted a boost up, but the workers were right.  People and wild animals don’t mix. My daughter was not going to be gator bait.  I wonder, not that I’m blaming the zoo in the situation with Harambe but where were the zoo workers?  Do they even have people that watch the sides of these kinds of exhibits?  It’s obvious no one thought it was possible for a small child to get down to the gorillas but where were they when the child was trying?

Many people are trying to blame the parents in this accident.  Parts of me would love to hear their story, but we all know how easy it is for children to do crazy things.  It doesn’t make the parent always a bad parent.  I do think there needs to be an investigation, but I am so sad to see how quickly people are trying to crucify these people.  I could not imagine that being one of my children.  I read that the momma was doing her best not to crawl in after her son, and holding the father back from doing so himself.

Lastly there is another important issue that has been brought up in this case; the value of a human life over one gorilla.  Those PETA folks and I just wouldn’t get along.  I love animals but I do believe that the good Lord gave us dominion over them.   I do not believe in senseless killing, and would have wished they could have tranquilized Harambe; however in the choice of gorilla or boy the right choice was made.  I don’t understand the left wing liberal media that will sit back and cheer on abortionist but will protest the loss of animal lives.  I don’t understand a society that values animals over humans.  It seems to me that while this was an unfortunate tragedy that #AllHumanLivesMatter.  It completely sad to me that not everyone feels this way.  

I just wanted to share my two cents on this matter.  In my opinion it was a sad accident.  The good news is that from what I’ve read the little boy is now okay. 

God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.

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