Monday, November 7, 2016

Real Solutions and VP Mike Pence's Message to the Church

Hello :-)

Today for Real Solutions I reaired the election episode with Pastor JC Church.  If you haven't seen it then please check it out here.

Yesterday our Pastors shared this message from Mike Pence in our church  I think many needed to hear this. For the many who have said to me they just aren't sure they can vote for Trump but know they can't vote for Hillary. . .I wanted to share that video.  I don't believe either canidate is perfect, but I do believe Trump is surrounding himself with people I can get behind.  Pence is a precious man of God who has stood up for righteousness within our government at many times.  

If you are an American please make sure if you haven't early voted that you vote tomorrow.  If you are not an American then please pray for our country.  America is standing at a crossroads.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  So you get excited.

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