Monday, November 14, 2016

Real Solutions Interviews Milam Byers with Food For The Hungry

Hello Awesome People,
On today's Real Solutions I interviewed Milam Byers with Food For The Hungry.  I learned about this awesome organization when 'Third Day' came into town for a concert and I ended up volunteering to help them. Third Day tours with Food For The Hungry.  I was put on the Food For The Hungry team to help them get their children sponsored.  I started talking with the guy in charge of that part of the event and found out he was Jared Byers who was the drummer for Audio Adrenaline for a lot of years and has also been in some other well-known bands.  Milam is Jared's brother who works with Food For The Hungry directly and also has a lot of known music years behind him.
This is an amazing organization.  I feel like it was a divine appointment that I was able to meet them all.  Watch the interview and get involved.  The unique thing about 'Food For The Hungry' is that they believe in bringing life to the communities they go into and then leaving once they are sustaining.  They are doing this all over the world. 
Here is this awesome video 
In this holiday season when many are looking at what they can do for those around us is a great place to start.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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