Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Are You Trying To Drive?

A few weeks ago, I found myself trying to help my youngest daughter drive her battery operated kids toy car. The snazzy pink and purple car with all the Disney princesses on it, as a small remake of a Pontiac Solstice, was purchased for my girls when my oldest was little enough to drive it. For a while, it was a great set up because my oldest would drive my youngest around the sidewalks of the neighborhood. However kids grow up, and officially my oldest has grown too tall, and my youngest is not tall enough.

My youngest has been admiring the car in the garage wanting desperately to take it out for a test spin. I felt sorry for the girl. Surely, her mom could attempt to drive it so she could set in the passenger’s seat. It was obvious I was not actually going to be able to fit in the front seat. I mean my backside would take up ¾ of the available seat space. So I tried to set on the trunk space. I stretched my legs across the seat and on the gas, and grabbed securely to the wheel. At first, I managed to move it. My youngest got all excited. She giggled at the sight of her mom stretched out and crunched into the car. But there was one thing I neglected to think about in this ingenious idea. That was I am too heavy to put on the backside of this toy car. As soon as I got the car in forward, the wheels started to turn. Quickly we’d become a rocket ship taking off for flight, the car fell backwards and we were both at a 90 degree angle to the floor waiting for take off. The wheels spun in the air, and I could not help but start laughing hysterically. The site of ourselves with the car up in the air and stuck to our backs was a neighborhood sight to see.

There are seasons of development and maturity in the kingdom of God just as there are in the natural. The Bible talks about it quite a bit. There are stages in which you are growing and maturing in the things of God.

1 Corinthians 3:2 (amp)
I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not yet strong enough [to be ready for it]; but even yet you are not strong enough [to be ready for it],

Hebrews 5:13(amp)For everyone who continues to feed on milk is obviously inexperienced and unskilled in the doctrine of righteousness (of conformity to the divine will in purpose, thought, and action), for he is a mere infant [not able to talk yet]!

Philippians 3:15(amp)
So let those [of us] who are spiritually mature and full-grown have this mind and hold these convictions; and if in any respect you have a different attitude of mind, God will make that clear to you also.

Now, what happened in the natural with me and my daughter’s car happens in the spiritual all the time. We outgrow things, mindsets, and immature spiritually ways of thinking and sometimes we look at that old familiar and think, “Why can’t I keep acting like that? Why can’t I get into that old way of thinking?” As a result, we do not go as far as God wants us too. Am I saying it was wrong for me to get in that car with my daughter, no. I am talking about spiritual matters here.

For example, for years when I would get a turndown: I would cry, sometimes it would take me days to get my foothold again. Sometimes I would enter into small bouts of depression, and seriously considered what God ever told me in the first place. But you see over the years of turndowns I have matured (most of the time). Faith is the substance hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) Turndowns do not get to me as they used too. I might cry for a moment, but I get right back up, and declare and know the truth. I know what God spoke to me will happen. I cannot keep going back to the same mindsets. I cannot go back to my old ways of thinking because God is training me to grow up!

1 Corinthians 13:11(NKJV)
When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

If we want to progress in our walk with God we must choose to grow up and stop acting so immature. We must stop falling back into our old ways or we just will not go very far. You will be like I was, stuck in my youngest daughter’s car with the tires spinning on a vertical. We are more mature in the Lord now, so when God tells me to go somewhere I am getting in my adult car and getting there.

What things in your life are you tempted to go back into your old ways of thinking? Seek God about that today. Choose to mature. Choose to grow up, and choose to stop falling into your same patterns repeatedly. Because God has a mountain for you to climb and you are going to need to be mature to climb it! He has destiny for you to fulfill and a God wants mature sons and daughters of God to fulfill it. He has great plans for you, so choose to grow up and go through the process!


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