Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diamonds formed under pressure

One completely random fact about me is not only do I hold a BA from OSU, but I also spent time while working in jewelry sales earning a certification in Diamontology. Most people do not know what that is. . .in short I know a bit about diamonds. I found myself referring to some things about diamonds a few times in the last several days while ministering to people, and as I sat at my computer trying to feel where God wanted me to minister today, I thought I would relay those things here.

Diamonds start out as a lumpy piece of coal. Their carbon that actually set off a certain amount of heat. It takes years of pressure from the earth to form a diamond. I mean many years, like millions. When someone uncovers a raw diamond to the untrained eye, it would look like a piece of junk. However, to a trained eye they see underneath the mess. There then taken to polishers and cutters. Those stones are individually looked at to be cut into the right shape and size for that stone. Parts of that stone will be cut away and polished until what is left is what we typically know as a diamond.

What is my point? We are all in process. We all start out as a lumpy piece of “clay”.

Isaiah 64:8
Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

In order for you to be “formed” into what God has called you to be, there will be pressure. It will not always be comfortable. However, unless you go through the pressure you cannot be formed into a diamond for His glory. Despite of your rough appearance and attitudes God sees beauty on the inside of you. He sees that despite your roughness you have amazing potential. He looks at you and knows just how to make the best you out of the mess. Often God will even put others in your lives, like your pastors or friends, who can see through your rocky exterior and know inside you are a shining gemstone precious to God. You must go through the process in order to be shaped and polished. It is not easy. Sometimes you can feel as if you are loosing parts of yourself on the gem cutters floor.

Did you know in order to cut a diamond they use diamond cutters that have small diamonds on their tip? What is the significance of that? God often uses people around you to help form you. That is why it is so important to get around the people God wants you around.

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

In the end, there is a beautiful stone that can shine for the glory of God.

Despite of what you have done, how you have acted, your frustrations, and rough exterior God looks at you and sees a beautiful creation for His glory. Wherever you are in this process, God sees the potential in you and He wants you to fulfill it. He has created you for a specific plan and purpose. If a lump of coal jumped out of a cave wall while the pressure was on because it could not take it, it would not be formed into His glory. It would still just be a lump of coal.

Whatever your going through today be confident that God has a bigger plan and purpose than what you see. The process can get old and annoying, but it is worth it. The biggest key I have learned is that we have to trust God despite of everything. Shaking our fists at God do not get us anywhere but more frustrated. We have to set back and be a yielded vessel, saying God I trust you.

Submit to the process. Keep submitting to it. It is worth it. It is a choice that moment by moment you have to keep making. One day you will find that you will be a glittering sign and wonder for His glory. His destiny for you is good. His destiny for you is today. You get to the fulfillment one moment at a time. Keep trusting in Him. He loves you, and He has not forgotten you. 

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