Sunday, August 8, 2010

It Must Be A McDonald's!

The year I graduated from high school my grandparents decided to take my sister and I on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. We have a lot of memories from that trip and a lot of laughs. I do not like long car trips, and inevitably if I can fly I will. The confinement starts to get to me. There was one particular instance in this car trip that I had to go to the bathroom and my grandmother insisted that we had to stop at a McDonald’s bathroom. According to her McDonald’s always had the “cleanest” restrooms. So we began traveling around trying to find the Golden Arches. While there may be a McDonald’s on every corner of civilized America there wasn’t where we were. We’d pass all sorts of other places and it wasn’t good enough. Minutes and miles rolled by and finally after begging her she allowed my grandfather to pull over at a Burger King. By this point I didn’t care, I was going to explode if we didn’t pull over soon.

Sometimes we feel like the process that we’re on in the Kingdom of God is like this. That we’re going through things for no rhyme or reason. As the pressure get’s harder and harder we want to scream and say “What is going on here?” But God has his reasons. He understands where we’re at and He understands that there are things we need to do and learn in the process.

My husband and I just sat down and finally watched “The Book of Eli.” While I could have done without some of the language the film is so awesome and I highly recommend if you’ve never watched it to watch it. As it began to unfold I realized that though this man had gone forward in faith for 30 years reading the Book every day there was a reason for that. Without the process he could have never been able to recite it in the end. (I’m trying to stay vague here for those who haven’t watched it, if you’ve watched it you know what I’m talking about.)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)
“[ A Time for Everything ] There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:”

I can be so easy to get frustrated in the process, but I have a suggestion for you. Instead of getting frustrated perhaps you can just start trying to go with God. You get a lot further along if you stop playing tug-o-war and start working together.

He knows the times and seasons for your life. It is not his desire or plan that you be a frustrated person. But be at peace. Trust in your God and know He loves you more than you know. Trust that He is for you and who can be against you. Trust that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

We’ve all had our moments when we didn’t think we could go any further. Take a deep breath and know that you can. Because He is faithful, and He’s excited because He sees you through this season and knows that all will be good!

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