Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do You Have A Faulty Flashlight?

My girls have been bugging us for quite sometime about letting them camp out. My philosophy on camping is similar to my dad’s. “Camping is a Holiday Inn without room service.” Don’t get me wrong, if I had to backpack through the jungle because God told me to, I see that as different. It has a purpose; I don’t find camping a recreation that I enjoy. So we finally decided since we don’t own a tent, and we have a spare twin mattress in the shed that if the kids wanted to sleep outside we could make that bed up in the shed in the backyard. The kids were excited. Dan decided that if they were sleeping in the shed then we should put the air mattress on the patio just so we could hear them in case they needed something in the night.

The issue arose when we discovered our flashlight was faulty and our youngest felt that she needed to check on us every few minutes. Sometimes the flashlight would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. She kept getting scared. I kept telling her, “God hadn’t given her the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.” The kids would stumble around in the back yard not really sure where they were heading. We left a light on in the house so they were okay, but the issue with the flashlight kept arising.

In the end the kids had a night I believe they’ll remember. We all have more bug bites on us then we probably want to start counting, and I got the overwhelming feeling that the air mattress lost more air than it should. I felt as if I slept on the concrete and had been beaten up in the night.

I began to think about the flashlight and how it’s like our walk in life.

Psalm 119:105Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

The word of God is our flashlight in life. We need to use the Bible to allow God to illuminate His plans, paths, and purposes for our life. So many times we find that our own flashlights are faulty. Maybe we don’t know the word in certain areas that we’re dealing with so it’s as if the light in our life is starting to flicker. I assure you that God’s light isn’t flickering, but you need to find out what the word of God is on the matter so that the word can shine brightly in your situation.

Pastor Greg always says that “Faith begins when the will of God is known.” If you don’t know what the will of God is on a situation, ie you can’t see where you’re going, then I’d say the best place to start looking to find it is in the word of God. Read your Bibles. Let it be the flashlight that will be like a lighthouse on the shore. Allow God to show clearly His plans for your life. God doesn’t want you stumbling around in the dark. But He has clear plans for your life. He has a clear pathway. Look to Him and He’ll shine His word so that you can find where you need to go. He loves you. He has good plans for your life.

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