Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Happened to My Country?

I’m still in horror and shock from last night’s vote. I woke up with a huge headache and realized it wasn’t a nightmare. Please do not start political fights with me today. I’m a little raw and I think I may need to take a social media fast for the next few days.

This election was more to me than two candidates whom neither were ideal choices. I sat watching the elections results roll in and it was like mourning the death of what my country once was. I realize that process has been a slow one coming over the last several decades but I feel as if I’m mourning something that was once so great. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said,"The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation Will be the philosophy of the government of the next" As the Lyrics of Carmen’s God in America, so truthfully point out, “So when you eliminate the Word of God from the classroom and politics You eliminate the nation that Word protects.” The truth of that became very real to me last night. I wept for my country.

This nation was founded on the Bible. It was at one point something worth singing songs about and pledging our allegiance too, but I realized she’s not the same nation anymore. I watched ABC news make jokes last night about how our nation isn’t as “religious” as it once was as if that was a good thing? I’ve heard the same thing happened on FOX. America been violated into a sea of wishy washyness. But it’s okay because in two states we can now go and smoke dope about it, and we still get our Big Bird.

To many who want to say, “Well O just must be God’s will.” Really? The American people choose Him. God is not going to go against his Word. The blood of millions of innocent babies is crying out from our land (Gen 4:10), and America is continuing to condone it. Israel wanted a king they got Saul. Germany wanted a leader they got Hitler. I’m not saying O is Saul or Hitler, but you get my point. Again I do not believe he is at fault for every American evil, but is certainly being a catalyst to get us further from the gospel. What is on the head of a people, country, business, or church flows down.

While many keep trying to make this election to be one about race for me that was the furthest thing from the truth. It was about morality. It was about standing with Israel. It was about marriage and life being sacred in the nation. It was about freedom of speech and freedom for small business owners. It was about our nation being a democracy versus a socialistic society. I’ve decided to start a trend of Condelezza Rice for 2016.

What is our solution? I’ve heard some like Donald Trump is trying to get people to start to riot the White House. I’ve heard many want to begin another Civil War. The phrase “Give me liberty or give me death,” has popped into my mind a few times. I’m willing if that is what it comes to, but it’s not something I want. Honestly most people aren’t passionate enough to care, they have been lulled to sleep by freebies and promises of more bailouts printed on borrowed money. I’m not ready to declare a civil war. It’s something that must be avoided at all cost. I may not like O, but I’m going to choose to pray for him. (1Tim 2:1-8) I’m going to choose to continue to pray for this nation. (2 Chronicles 7:14) I’m going to pray that it would turn from its wicked ways.  I’m going to ask whether you agree with me or not, that you would do the same. Pray for this nation. Maybe I’m Pollyanna enough to believe that all hope is not lost and that God can take what looks to be an impossible situation and turn it around. (Matt 19:26) I’m choosing to believe that God can turn it all around, some way, some shape, and some form.

It’s time for the church to come together like it never has before now. Pray people. Our nation needs it.

Remember God does have awesome plans for your life. Get excited.

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