Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Shut The....Snap!

The weekend Dan graduated from college has become one of those family stories that I won’t likely live down ever. It’s become one of those stories we sit around after dinner and laugh about over and over again. It was a quite the humorous weekend.

Dan and I were newly married living in an apartment that really was the back end of a house. It wasn’t the best part of town. We had a mutual secured and gated courtyard but that area was rough. There was a porn theatre around the corner. His parents and my parents were coming in town for his graduation. My parents were running late, and I sent my in-laws and Dan onto where he had to be and waited on the steps of a neighbor’s house for mine.

When my parents showed up, my mind was on trying not to miss Dan’s graduation and I accidently left my keys on the steps of the neighbors’ house. I didn’t realize my mistake until we were all going back to our apartment after the graduation. So, we managed to figure it out that we could use Dan’s keys until mine showed up. However the only problem was the next day we had to get Dan’s big mold’s heavy chunky molds out of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and now I didn’t have keys to my car. Being a blessing my parents decided to stay overnight and allow us to use their car the next day, hoping we figured out how to get keys to use mine.

The next day Dan and I braved downtown Pittsburg traffic, got his molds and lugged them through traffic to the car trunk and took them back over the bridge to our apartment. When getting the molds out of the trunk at our apartment, I put my mom’s keys to their car in the trunk. Those molds are big and heavy. I was trying to get them out. Once I got the one I was carrying put it in the apartment, I saw Dan standing over the trunk.

“Don’t shut the ….snap!” He shuts the trunk to my parents’ car. So now we have two cars, and no keys to either of them.

Next my mom gets on the phone to the AAA people so that they can come out and break open her trunk, she’s getting mixed up in trying to explain to them where I live. Finally in exasperation she says, “It’s around the corner from the porn theatre!”

“Oh, our drivers know where that is.” Nice. (Insert Sarcasm Here) Sigh.

AAA comes out and breaks open her car, and while we’re waiting my neighbor comes by. “Hey lady did you leave your keys on my steps yesterday. You know this is not a good neighborhood. You can’t be doing that.” He brings me back my missing keys, and inevitably all worked out.

May my crazy story here be a reminder that life happens sometimes. You have to learn to laugh at yourself in spite of it all. Because “Proverbs 17:22 (NIV) A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Sure the above story is one of those that could have stressed everyone out, and it did at some points, but now it’s just a really funny story. Remember that when you have the opportunity to be stressed. Take a deep breath and laugh.

God has awesome plans for your life. Get excited.

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