Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking the Time To Show You Care?

My grandmother has been moved in with Jesus for over three years now, and I think about her every day. My grandmother really cared and loved me. I never doubted that. She took time for me, and made an effort. In the summer’s we’d go to Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio and we’d have a picnic of Happy Meals on the steps and sometimes have dryer boxes that we could roll down the hill. She once got me out of my parents’ house when I was in trouble and sent to my room, because I called her and told her to come get me. There were shopping trips, car rides, and hours of her just listening to me talk. The memories I have of her are priceless. Time with her was so much more than things or stuff, but they were hours she invested in me. Even in the years I lived across the country we still talked often, she sent cards, and she went out of her way to make memories even though the location distance was great. I knew she cared. I miss her.

We live in such a fast pace society. Our families are getting further and further apart, and I think we’ve really lost the concept of being part of a community. Churches are supposed to kind of be like that, but anymore it’s just not the case. The phrase it “takes a village to raise a child” I believe is true, but it’s as if few children today have the village to help raise them. It seems most our culture has become lonely islands in the midst of the world.

Titus 2:1-6 (MSG)
A God-Filled Life
2 1-6 Your job is to speak out on the things that make for solid doctrine. Guide older men into lives of temperance, dignity, and wisdom, into healthy faith, love, and endurance. Guide older women into lives of reverence so they end up as neither gossips nor drunks, but models of goodness. By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure, keep a good house, be good wives. We don’t want anyone looking down on God’s Message because of their behavior. Also, guide the young men to live disciplined lives.

God knows how important to people it is to have a sense of community. He knew that the older generation needed to teach the younger. He knows how much it’s lacking in our society.

I want this blog today to be a reminder to all of you to pray about what you can do in your circle of influence to help build your community and the people in it. How can you influence the next generation? How can you show you care? We all want awesome stores of nations being shaken for the glory of God, and revivals breaking out. But those things begin in local churches. They begin when everyone steps out and begins to see those around them. When we can show the world we care, they’ll know there is a God in heaven that does.

Remember He has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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