Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Me? Have a Big Mouth? Never...

            I guess I need to call this the week where I randomly confess areas in my life that I need to work on.  Because today I have another confession, I have a big mouth.  I mean I probably say things and repeat them way more than I should.  My family and I are in the midst of a very difficult time of transition, and privately I’ve shared much of what God is doing to too many people.  Perhaps I’m just excited, perhaps I’m so ready for things to happen, perhaps I just don’t know when to zip it, lock it, and put it in my pocket. 
            My husband has been reading Pastor Gary Keesee’s book, “Kingdom Thoughts Your Roadmap to a Successful Tomorrow”.  I plan on reading it as soon as Dan is done, but in it one thing Pastor Gary talks about is the reason why often times God doesn’t tell us everything that’s getting ready to take place in our lives is because God knows we’d go tell people.  Thusly God doesn’t want the devil to find out so he could put up roadblocks.  If you repeat it the devil can hear it, so God doesn’t always share it with us.  While Dan had shared this thought, which is very true with me, I probably forgot.  It was my oldest daughter that reminded me of this in the car during a conversation about what God was doing in our lives. 
            As a result, I really pondered this and thought, “Wow that is so true.  Surely I need to start buttoning up my lips.”  But I was in a conversation with someone the other day and sure enough, I found myself talking a bit too much again.
            Joseph, in the Bible, learned the hard way that sometimes you have to be careful with whom you share what God has spoken to you.  He shared his dreams and visions and it just made his brothers more angry and jealous of him (Gen 37:5)  While I live my life a fairly open book, I am still learning on when do just wait on the Lord, and not repeat everything that’s going on.

Proverbs 21:23 (ESV) Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue
    keeps himself out of trouble.

            There is nothing wrong with giving a testimony, or sharing what God has already done, those inspire others.  But what I’m talking about is learning the balance of “when you’re going through a season, what to say and what not to say.”  It’s learning who will be praying for you and with you over a situation and who you’re just spewing forth the precious things of God at. If you just gotta talk to someone about the situation, perhaps going to God is your best option!

            Surely I am not the only one that struggles in this area.  So please learn from my mistakes.  There are times you need to button your lip.  Have a few people you share things with, but for the most part be silent.  When you’re through the storm, go ahead, grab a megaphone and tell the world.  But in the meantime, remember loose lips sink ships.

            Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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