Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why My Family Choose To See 'God's Not Dead' over the Movie 'Noah'


            Many of you read my blog a few weeks ago called ‘Thoughts on Christian Fiction from This Preaching Author’.  If not feel free to read it here

            I still agree with most of everything I wrote there, however I’m going to have to backtrack and recant a tad.  I still believe in realizing that films that are based on true stories sometimes take their own lives, but if you remember I said as long as it doesn’t ‘go down a very inaccurate path’ then we needed to support this attempt that Hollywood is doing with the film Noah. 

Well. . . I have a confession to make.  My family desperately wanted to see Noah.  Months ago when we saw the trailer we became so excited.  We don’t go to the movies often.  Let’s face it; renting it later is always cheaper.  We put it on our calendar and started to look forward to it.  I was convinced this was going to be an awesome film, and instead of really researching who was behind it I jumped into the Kool-Aid with both feet.  I was one of the first people to roll my eyes at the Christians who were thumbing their noses at it.  I desperately wanted to support this effort.  We made plans to go this Saturday.

When the reviews began flooding in, Dan and I started questioning our initial excitement.  The general consensus is that the film barely resembles the Bible and took some turns that weren’t exactly Biblically inspired.   I was given an interesting article on FB regarding it, and unanimously everyone said it wasn’t for viewers 12 and under (Though a Pastor friend of mine commented that what realistic film about the Old Testament would be okay for kids to watch? LOL funny and true!).  Granted I haven’t seen the film and perhaps Dan and I will rent it when it comes out.  I’m not judging those that see it, but truthfully after I heard how it deviated so far from the Bible I’m not sure I really care to see it anymore. I’m not sure how true it is but I’d heard the director is an atheist, and art is an expression of who a person is.  While I didn’t expect it to necessarily come from a “Christian” perspective; I did expect it to have similar motives, which I hear that doesn’t really happen. I was very disappointed. 

So on Saturday morning my family decided to go see ‘God’s Not Dead’.  I think we made the right decision.  This film was AWESOME!  Both my husband and I being artsy film people tend to get annoyed with the stereotypical cheesy Christian film/theatre.  But there isn’t a whole lot of cheese here.  Pure Flix did an amazing job on this film.  My family cried, and had to fight not standing up and cheering in the end (though I’ll confess a few fist pumps and singing along).  It was the right choice for us to make as a family and I’m so glad we went.  I’ll also confess to have become a semisecret fan of Duck Dynasty so having the Robertson’s in it was just a too fun addition.  I thought Kevin Sorbo did an awesome job, and I’ve become a fan of David A. R. White over the years. It was well worth the money, and I was glad to give our finances to a worthy ministry. 

I guess this experience taught me, YET AGAIN, how quick I am to react in a situation that I really haven’t studied out.  Had I really paid attention and researched the Noah film in the first place I probably would have come to the conclusion I did a lot earlier, and thusly wouldn’t have jumped on the ‘Why do Christians always turn so judgmental’ bandwagon.  I believe in supporting filmmaker’s attempts at films that have messages I believe in.  But as many posted, it seems ‘Noah’ just when too far with its interpretation. 

I also realize that the controversy over this film has been a hot topic these days.  I haven’t seen it, however the conclusion my family ultimately came agreed upon is we’d rather see ‘God’s Not Dead’.   It was the right choice for my family.  I want apologize if anyone read my first blog and thusly ran out to see Noah and hated it.  I’m working on learning to get all the information before I react.  We all have areas we can confess we need to work on, and that’s one of mine (grin).

God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.


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