Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Too Much Sun for This White Girl


            After living in Florida for over 13 years I have long since discovered this white girl does not do well in the Florida sun.  Growing up in Ohio I never remember having this much problems out in the sun.  Sure we wore sunscreen, but not all the time.  In Florida however I have been burnt too many times to count.  I sunscreen, never just wear a bathing suit, and I’ve decided if I stay in this state much longer I need to buy gear like the picture above.  I did swipe the picture off the internet, but don’t worry (  Here is where the gear is purchasable, so I’m not copyright infringing.

            Last Friday Dan took the day off and we went to the beach.  I made sure the kids were sun screened up, but I wasn’t taking my shirt off over my bathing suit.  It was really overcast, we weren’t sure how long the rain would hold back, so I didn’t use a lot of sunscreen on me.  What was I thinking? I knew better than to do that.  While I naively thought, I’m not exposed, I so was exposed.  Two hours later, my legs, arms, and ear were so burnt I wanted to cry.  It took me at least four days to walk without tears.  While I’ve gotten better Mojo still wants to jump across my lap leaving me screaming like a little sissy.  I accept the fact  this was my fault.  I knew better.  I’ve been joking that the next time I go to the beach I’m going to wear a turban and a tent and when asked if I was practicing some new extreme religion I’ll tell them, “No, Just practicing my extreme whiteness.”  My body is now slowly turning to the molting process. 

            Sin is a lot like that.  When people end up in bad situations they often want to blame God for their bad choices.  Often people look at the Word of God and think it’s a bunch of do’s and don’ts  but really God sees it as protection for us. I know I should have worn sunscreen, leggings, a long shirt and a ski mask; but I didn’t.  It wasn’t God’s fault that I got hurt, just as much it isn’t God fault when people disobey the word of God and they get hurt.  That’s why it’s important to study and know what the word of God says study to show yourself approved (2 Tim 2:15)  The good news is that God can and often does extend to us grace and mercy in situations, but we have to do our part.  We have to run from sin and put the Word into practice.

            Now I’m asking for those of you praying folk, to keep me in prayer this weekend.  I’m flying up to Ohio.  I’m preaching at a conference in Toledo, and have a jam packed weekend.  I’m excited about this trip and believe that God’s Will shall be accomplished.  I’m believing it’s a life changing weekend for the people at the conference.  I appreciate prayers for this trip.  Because of my jam packed weekend I will not be writing a blog this Monday. 

            But Remember God has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!



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