Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Official! We're Moving!

       I have looked forward to write this blog for such a very long time, now that I sit at my computer and type I may start crying.  So I warn all who read this now, it’s with great excitement, nervousness, faith, assurance, and churning emotions that I finally get to make this announcement. 
       I am originally from Ohio and my husband is from Canada.  After Dan and I were married and moved back to Ohio from Pittsburgh we prayed fervently where God wanted to send us.  When God spoke clearly to me that we’d go to Orlando, FL and Dan would work at one particular job, I truly believed we’d only be in Florida for about five years.  This job didn’t open up for him until several months later so he worked in something that we knew would be temporary at first.  Dan and I knew that we weren’t just moving for a job, but we were moving to prepare us for ministry. When I left Ohio I never thought I would return.  Within a day of our move, God led us to Freedom Life Church (FLC).  We’ve been members there for over 13 years.  We’ve been honored to grow up under this ministry.  We’ve watched God faithfully open doors for us, and continue to bring to pass His plans.  We always knew that Florida wasn’t our final destination.  I think we often felt like square pegs trying to fit into a round hole.  We stayed here through the storms (literally the hurricane season of 2004) and stayed persistent to what we knew that God had spoken.  I want to take a brief moment there to thank Pastor Greg Squires.  He has always stayed stable and consistent as our pastor.  When Pastor Arthur (our spiritual mentor/father) passed away, we needed someone to pick up the banner and believe in us.  Pastor Greg has prayed for us, encouraged us, and stood with us.  We have truly grown to love him and value his input in our lives.
      Where God would send us was something that was always near to my heart.  It really started hitting home to me in 2012 when I was blessed to be a part of the God Day movement.  When I watched people from all over Orlando begin to believe God for change and cry out for the land of FL, I began to ask God “Ok, where is my land?”  I mean I loved the people of Orlando/Kissimmee, but it was never my land.  It had always felt as if I was in the wilderness or a sojourner in a foreign land.  I even shared this feeling with others.  Many times they would ask me “Where do you think God will send you?  Back to Ohio?”  I’d always laugh at that response and answer with an emphatic “No.”  Dan and I began to pray with more and more tenacity that God would lead us to our land. 
      I have always had a burden and a heart for America so for a long time we kept looking at moving to the DC area, and while I do believe one day I will minister in that area that didn’t seem like where God was sending  us either. 


       In the winter months of 2013, I opened up my Bible one day (I didn’t do a word search, or use a concordance) and God led me to this scripture. 


Jeremiah 30:3 (ESV)For behold, days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will restore the fortunes of my people, Israel and Judah, says the Lord, and I will bring them back to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall take possession of it.”

       Truthfully it didn’t occur to me at first what God was trying to say to me.  I just thought “Oh how nice.”  But as the months continued, I kept getting this scripture rising on the inside of me. 
       It was about that same time that Dan and I took a closer look at Faith Life Church (FLC) in New Albany/Johnstown, OH.  It is pastored by Pastor Gary and Drenda Keesee.  The side story about their ministry is about 4 years ago a friend of mine told me to go check their church out because it was about an hour drive from where my parents live and I was in and out of the area.  Truthfully when my friend said this to me I only took a glance at their website, but suddenly the more and more Dan and I found out about their ministry the more and more we knew this was where God was sending us. Eventually we partnered with their ministry. It was the next step for us in our lives and ministry.  As the days progressed Dan and I both started having various dreams relating to us returning to the area, as well as suddenly all sorts of prophetic words and instances began to fit.   Just a few days ago I found a magazine that I was featured in from my publisher in 2012 and Pastor Gary Keesee was also there on the page in front of me.  Dan and I found it very funny that we’d never noticed that before now.  It seemed like yet another confirmation to us.  All this time God knew what He was doing even if we didn’t.
       In the midst of all of this, is when Dan and I decided to put our house on the market.  It was one of those grownup decisions that was very hard for both of us.  We had loved that house.  We’d poured our heart into that house, but we knew in order for us to start making plans to move forward we had to let it go.  The circumstance with the market and the money wasn’t ideal.  We figured by the time the house sold we would have more of a clear picture about where we were to move.  Instead of this taking the time we thought it would our house sold in record time.  It was only on the market for two days really, and though the paperwork took time, we didn’t figure out where to move until the day before we were set to do so.  We got a rental in the area and knowing we’d be moving somewhere else soon.  We barely unpacked.  However we still weren’t sure where we’d be moving when the time came. 

I kept hearing the Lord tell me “Johnstown”. But I still wasn’t convinced.  Perhaps call me a tad stubborn, but I just wanted a very clear picture of what God was doing.  I just wanted to know that I know what God’s will was in this situation.  So I began to ask God, “Ok you keep giving me Jeremiah 30:3, but my family isn’t from Johnstown.  My family is from either an hour north or two hours south from there. So will you God please explain this to me?” 

It’s amazing how God knows so much more than we do isn’t it?  In January of this year I went to a family reunion that my mother wanted to go to but couldn’t.  It was with a few members of my extended family that I didn’t really know and have only met a few times.  They were ones that were from Ohio but were in FL now.  When asked, I began telling people we were going to move to Johnstown.  While I was still struggling with all of this, Dan and I knew that this was God that we start going to FLC under the Keesee’s.  I didn’t tell them about the scripture or the family connection of the verse until later.  When hearing the town of Johnstown my great aunt responded, “Oh did you know there was a family farm there?  And there are probably a lot of relatives that you don’t even know that live there?”  I was shocked by this.  I hadn’t even known Johnstown existed until we found out about the Keesee’s church.  My great aunt didn’t know what God had already been speaking to me. When I called home to my mother that night she laughed and said she didn’t remember the family farm was there either but did remember going somewhere as a child.  She can only assume now it was in Johnstown. 

The months have continued.  We thought we’d be gone by now.  We spent months waiting and waiting. We were believing for certain situations to come into place, but as of yet they haven’t.  A few weeks ago, Dan had an encounter with the Lord and finally felt that it was time.  Our pastor is in agreement.  On June 8th Pastor Greg will be releasing and launching us from the FLC in Florida so that we can be launched forward to the FLC in Ohio.  (The churches really aren’t related but I find it a funny coincidence that they are both FLC)  On June 14th Dan and I will be packing up, and driving to Ohio.  Temporarily, we will be staying in Marion until a door opens up for us to move to Johnstown.  We’ll be close enough that we can drive to our new church without too much of a commute. 
As I said, I have a whirlwind of emotions about this.  The circumstances are not ideal.  We need doors to open up once we get there.  This is requiring Dan to end his position he’s held onto for 11 years at Tupperware.  While my flesh wants to freak out a bit, honestly my spirit is so at peace.  We know this is God.  While personally I think that snowbirds have the right idea, I will try not to complain this winter.  It will be really nice being so close to my family and a lot closer to my in-laws once again.  We’ve been so far away for so long, the whole idea seems unbelievable.  We’ll say goodbye to gators, beaches, and fire ants; we’ll be saying hello to the beauty in the changing of seasons, gray snow boogers and ice scrapers.

While this has been a long time coming for us, I find myself at an impasse of emotions that the term ‘bittersweet’ really seems the best way to describe it.  We are so very grateful for the Florida season that God gave us in our lives.  It forced us to grow up.  It matured us in ways I can’t explain, and I believe was foundational for us in both life and in ministry.  As we close this chapter, I realize that my years in Florida will always be dear to my heart.  Saying goodbye is never easy, but over on the horizon there is a new season brewing and we are so excited to be moving forward.  Please keep us in prayer.  Transition is never easy and there are still some doors we need to open once we get to Ohio.  We love you and appreciate you all.

God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life Lessons in Spring Cleaning

            My family and I spent our Memorial Day weekend doing some intensive spring cleaning to the rental we’ve been living.  Our back screened in porch has been a dirty mess.  I’m not sure when we moved in this house in November if it had been necessarily clean, but add my family, Mojo (my dog), the sand of Florida; the porch was in desperate need of a good dose of some elbow grease.
            I spent most of my morning sweeping, hosing down, and mopping the floor with a Pine-Sol and bleach concoction.  Whenever I clean like that I start thinking of my grandmother.  My grandmother had a special gift when it came to cleaning.  Sure some may laugh about that being a gifting but it really is one, and she really had it.  That woman could wash or bleach anything and get it spic and span.  In my own internal dialogue, I started to question God.  “Um God why didn’t I get that gifting?  Loving to clean and being so gifted at it would have been a really good gift to inherit.”  As my own internal thoughts continued somehow I knew that my grandmother would have been able to get my back porch so much cleaner than me, and I began feeling like a failure at cleaning.  No matter how hard I scrubbed, I knew in this area she would have out done me.  Truthfully I have no doubt she’d have done it better.
            The older I get the more I’ve come to realize that we all have strengths and weaknesses.  We can’t compare ourselves to others because God made us unique.  Sure perhaps I could have learned more from my grandmother about the wonders of bleach and kerosene.  But no matter how hard I try I will never compare to her in some areas.  We all have our own races to run in life.  We have to stay in our own lanes.  Too many people try to run their race of life staring at the runners besides them.  They keep their eyes on them, but yet wondering why they are tripping up in areas of their own lives.  If a runner doesn’t look forward they don’t know where they are going.  They come up to a hurdle and trip.   Too many people in the body of Christ watch others and try their best to shove them into a box of their own design.  What they don’t realize is they are stunting those around them instead of helping them.  There is a balance in this, but in essence you just have to let people be who God created them to be in life. 
            If God wanted us all to be just like one another, make the same choices as the other, and look just like each other then He would have made us that way.  God made us all different.  I have a confession to make, I think I’ve spent way too long looking at other people in my life and comparing myself; instead of looking at who God made me and embracing that woman.  This doesn’t mean I stop cleaning, but it means I don’t take it personally when I realize this may not be my gifting.  God puts the giftings in our lives.  We are just a vessel.  Realistic people will look at a glass of water and call it a glass of water. Optimistic people will call it half full.  Pessimists will call it half empty.  But Children of God need to look at the water, know and speak that God will multiply it to bless more people with than they thought possible.   Whatever your giftings and abilities are, no matter how miniscule they may seem, God can take them and make them mighty in His Kingdom.   (Matt 25:13-40)
            So may my adventure in cleaning my back porch be a reminder to us all.  Embrace the you God made.  Own your talents and your shortcomings.  Quit trying to be like someone else, and in being the best you God called you to be; you’ll be giving others the permission to do the same.
            God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.

*Note my 2nd blog for the week will be released on Friday. I am very excited for it, so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ode To My Flat Bouncy Ball

            For my youngest daughter’s birthday she received this craft kit as one of her presents.  We opened it up this weekend and were having fun playing with it.  In one of the crafts there was this bouncy ball kit where you pour some kind of crystal sand stuff in the mold, hold it in water and eventually you get a bouncy ball.  We had a lot of fun with this craft.  Seriously, they keep inventing more cool things.  Where was the bouncy ball kit when I was a kid?  We made six bouncy balls that day.  The trick was to letting them dry so they could be bounced.  Well eventually they did dry, but I soon found out that the one she gave me had become flat because as it was drying I didn’t move it at all so I now have a lopsided flat bouncy ball.  Sure it functions, but it bounces a little crooked and isn’t as pretty as intended. 
            As I was thinking about this I began to realize how important it is for all of us to learn a lesson from my deformed bouncy ball.  If you stay in one place too long you can grow stagnant and be like the flat bouncy ball.  This doesn’t mean you have to physically move all the time.  But it does mean that in the kingdom of God there is a constant moving forward, a moving from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).  There is a desire to press on and press forward.  Many people fear change.  They try to fight with God when He leads them to move forward.  We all like to be comfortable.  But we’ll never grow to what God is calling us maintaining the same old thing.  If we want different results we have to step out of the boat.  If we keep refusing to move, we can grow stale, stagnant, and be just like a flat bouncy ball. 
            I have always loved the story of Peter getting out of the boat to walk on the water (Matt 14:22-23)  Jesus called out to the boat and said, “Come,” and notice in a boat full of people it was only Peter that stepped out of the boat.  I wished I could tell you that I would have just as much faith to get out of a boat to walk on physical water.  I’m a lot like Peter in the sense I probably would jump out and then as the waves and the storm came I’d start questioning that decision.  This story is often talked about to criticize Peter’s lack of faith, because he did start to panic and sink.  But Peter refused to be a “Flat Bouncy Ball”.  Peter got out of the boat!  Even when he started to panic, Jesus’ grace and mercy reached down and lifted him out of the water. 
            Having the faith to keep moving forward even when the choices you make scare your flesh, makes God excited!

  Hebrews 11:6 (AMP)

But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].
            I am not suggesting doing a bunch of works, claiming God told you to do something if He didn’t.  But I am saying when God tells you to step out of the water and you do, it makes Him excited, giddy, and I believe He is up in heaven saying, “Will you look at my child?  They believe me enough to leave their comfort, and step on the water.”  Faith is the currency of heaven.
            I love what I’ve heard Kim Clement say time and time again.  “You’re never going to know unless you step out of the boat!  You’re never going to know.  You’re never going to know unless you step out of the boat.”  Too many Christians live their lives being a flat bouncy ball.  (Grin)  They let fear stop them.  Sure, they’ll go to heaven, but God won’t be able to accomplish through them what their destinies are on the earth.  Your life, no matter who you are, affect many.  One of my favorite quotes fits well here.  "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Are deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same." From Doug Atchison writer of Akeelah and the Bee
            I want to encourage you all today to move forward in God.  I want to encourage you all to do what He says when He says.  Don’t be a flat bouncy ball.  God has created you to soar higher than you ever dreamed possible.
            Remember He has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Making the Decision Few Will Understand

Dan and I have finally come to faith and agreement some decisions on things that have been going on around us.  I’m not going to announce anything until late next week.  We are excited, nervous, but have reached a place of peace about some of the next steps of our life.  After the shift was made one of the first things that popped into my mind was “how am I going to explain this to so and so”.  Truthfully it’s one thing to reach a place of faith, but it’s another thing to deal with trying to explain decisions to people who don’t understand them and are going to be outspoken in their disapproval.  Let’s face it, when one pursues a calling of God sometimes one makes decisions that appear to those around them to be nuts.  I understand this.  However when one is trying to stay in a place of faith, it can be a challenge to hear the negative repeated to them over and over again. 
Dan has been reading the book, “Put Your Dream to the Test” By John C. Maxwell.  In this book Maxwell talks about the people around you when you’re trying to break out of the normal box.  I loved this quote when I heard it, “10% of people are pioneers, 70% are settlers, and 20% are antagonists.  Make it your goal to win over the pioneers and wait for the settlers.  If you communicate your heart will, live it with integrity, and wait for the timing to be right, your dream will gain credibility and go from a good idea to a great one in their eyes.  And when you’re ready to move forward, do so with the 80% and try your best to leave the antagonists behind.”
Bottom line is guaranteed if you are going to accomplish anything in life you are going to have doubters, mockers, and people who just don’t get it.  Sometimes these will be people who you love and greatly respect, but you can’t let that stop you.  I’m not calling dear friends and family pigs but here is what Jesus had to say:

Matthew 7:6 (NKJV)“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

You have to learn to respectfully tune out their fears, doubts, and unbelief.  If you can maybe you need to separate yourself from them.  If you can’t do that then don’t listen to their blanket of negativity.  Don’t let that blanket rest on you, and don’t take what their saying to heart. 
When I first felt called to write, I remember telling the girl that was who I thought was my best friend at the time.  Her response was not one of encouragement.  I believe her response was, “No you’re not.  You can’t do that!” While my motivation has never been to prove the doubters wrong on that regard, today over 20 books later I believe God did.   
You don’t have to argue or justify your actions to doubters.  Take a step back.  As time progresses God will cause a revelation that His will for you was correct.  He will do that for you.  Trust in Him.  Pray for the doubters and choose to move forward in what God says.  He will make a way!
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 Things That Drive Us Crazy At Church....

Good Wednesday Morning. . . 

Instead of a full length blog today I thought I'd pass this link around. . .

Too funny and too true

10 things that drive us crazy at church and probably shouldn't 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When Government Becomes god....

Happy Tuesday Fabulous People,

I had a dear reader send me this radio program. In it a woman who had become a Christian right before Hitler came to power. . .though she came from a Jewish background. She experienced the Holocaust and she's comparing Nazi Germany to where America is headed today...Very interesting...If you have some time, you might want to listen to it.  Wake Up America!

Smiles  :-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

What Happened to the Pioneering spirit in America?

WARNING:  This blog is going to go very political.  I do not apologize for my opinions.  I get that we all have our own thoughts to this, but I am stating how I feel and thus if someone has an issue with what I say then that’s fine.  Feel free to discuss it with me. (Grin)
I’ve been working on research for a new book.  It will be my 21st book.  One of these days God will start opening a door for my fiction books to get published.  In the meantime I just keep writing.  For years I’ve been going to write a Western and never got the storyline, until about 6 months ago.  One really started to germinate in my mind.  Like any fiction book I ever write, I do a lot of research before starting.  It’s of my opinion that you just can make up things better than what actually happened.  If a writer can ground a fiction story in as much truth as possible it makes the story plausible in the mind of the reader.  I’ve been reading about, watching videos, and doing internet searches on the Homestead Act of 1862.  This Act in American history was a hope that the West would become civilized and people from all around the world could become an American citizen, pay $18 to file a claim on an 160 acres, and if one could substantially improve that land (build a house on it, have a working farm, etc.) that land in five years would become the one who filed the claim.  It was really an exciting time in American history.  Of course this was land that typically had been owned by the Native American, but that’s for another discussion. 
What amazes me as I’ve read and watched all of these stories, is the pure gumption of these people.  Sure they had a great deal on a piece of property, but they left their lives, worked crazy hard in extreme circumstances because many wanted a better existence for their own children.  Their determination is some of the backbone and grit that makes this nation beautiful.  Their sacrifice is still firmly implanted on the history of America.  Sure, the country was giving them a great price on a piece of land, but that came with the cost of their blood, sweat, and tears. 
What has happened to that same mentality in our nation today?  This generation is some of the most entitled bunch of people.  Many live under the thought that people or America owes them something.  Like trained animals we keep giving into the insane demands by providing freebies without any strings attached.  The pioneers were given a bit of a break but they poured their lives into the vision of improving on America and their status.  Recently I saw a video of a woman trying to convince a small business owner to give her free water.  Her argument was because she came from generations of people that had once been slaves in this country.  Thus the store owner owed it to her to give her the water?  What?  Really, if people want to use that kind of reasoning do I get to say that my great-great-great grandfather was a Blackfoot Indian so thus I’m entitled to getting his land back?  Yes, a lot of atrocities have happened in this nation, but that doesn’t make us entitled to anything.  What happened to hard work?  How long does one need to keep justifying their inactivity?
I have heard people argue that it is our duty as believers to help those in need.  I do not question this.  I believe in helping people who are less fortunate.  I agree with using taxpayer dollars to help ensure people have a helping hand. However, there must be a balance in this.  I also agree with the old phrase that ‘if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach them how to fish he’ll eat for life.’  We are producing a generation of people who no longer want to do their part, but would merely rather live off the system. I 125% believe in drug testing before getting government benefits.   I believe that the redistribution of wealth is merely an attempt to turn our once great nation into a form of socialism or communism. Here is what the Bible says.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 (Amp)
10 For while we were yet with you, we gave you this rule and charge: If anyone will not work, neither let him eat.
I am utterly amazed at where some people think that everyone owes them something.  It seems to me that there is an underlying tone here destroying America.  I always believed that the Healthcare system in this nation needed helped.  However I’ve never agreed that Obamacare was the way to fix it.  Now the government is demanding Obamacare from business owners who have struggled to stay open in this country, and now the government is raising minimum wage.  That means that many small businesses will be closing their doors.  They simply can’t continue under these conditions.  Which translates more people will be out of work, and the economy will plummet even further.  I believe that God can give His people favor in these times; however I don’t understand where people think all this money is going to come from.   The middle class in this country has been squished at an alarming rate and unfortunately unless people wake up from their ‘Marijuana Induced Gimmie Gimmie Daze’ I don’t know what the future of this nation will hold. 
Many of the pioneers were immigrants who came to this country legally.  They came here to build better lives for their own children.  Immigration reform is something that is near and dear to my heart.  I believe in immigration.  However most Americans haven’t a clue when it comes to what people who aren’t American go through to come here.  Before I went through the system I never knew what it was like.  My husband was born in Canada and is now a naturalized citizen.  I do believe that because he was educated, from a non-threatening-to-America country and we had the favor of God that our experience in the immigrations system wasn’t what some have faced.  However, becoming a citizen of this country isn’t easy; there are hoops one has to jump through in order to do it.  I do not believe we need to reward people who have chosen to do it illegally.  I believe that one wants law abiding citizens in their country.  If people can not honor those laws then they shouldn’t be here.  Maybe that sounds harsh to some, but again it’s that entitlement mindset creeping in. 
Sadly I believe America is at a crossroads.  I believe the pioneering spirit has been replaced by one of entitlement.  We’ve become too big for our breeches so to speak.    I believe the foundation of this nation is crumbling quickly, and I am tired of this idea of everyone expecting a handout.  While it’s easy to think the ‘government will just bail me out’, that same government is operating billions and billions in debt and living off of credit.  When are we all going to stop whining about how things aren’t fair, complaining about how our generations have gotten here, and starting being accountable for our own actions.  We don’t get everything in life handed to us on a silver platter.  The pioneers understood ‘picking themselves up by their bootstraps’.  They understood the value of hard work and leaving something for their legacy.  They lived, breathed, and some died doing what they had to do.
I loathe complaining about the status of something and not offering any kind of solution.  I love my country and I do believe it can return to its foundation.  My solution is quite simple.  Pray and Act.  Pray for our nation.  Vote righteous people into office.  Open your mouth when unrighteousness seems to prevail.  Christians start running for office.  Don’t let our country be overtaken by the lazy.  Take a stand and refuse to back down.  It doesn’t matter what people may think of you.  I believe that the pioneers can teach us a lot of lessons.  May we heed them as a nation, and open our eyes.
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Tribute to Those Superheroes Known as Mom's

            Since Sunday is Mother’s Day, I want to write a tribute to Superhero Momma’s today.  The Bible has a lot to say about mothering.  Jesus loved his momma so much that one of the last things He did on the cross was to make sure his mother was taken care of (John 19:26-27) after he left the earth.  One of my favorite scriptures about mothers is: 
Proverbs 31:28-29
28 Her children rise up and call her blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied); and her husband boasts of and praises her, [saying],
29 [c]Many daughters have done virtuously, nobly, and well [with the strength of character that is steadfast in goodness], but you excel them all.

I think this is when we should I should cue the background theme music because really if I’m going to write a tribute to awesome mom’s that are really superheroes but mothering is their cover this is when the music should begin.  (Grin)
            My mother is awesome.  She’s always been my cheerleader.  I’m well aware that raising me came with a long list of trails, and my mother always pushed me further than I wanted to go at the moment, and insisted that I strive to more than I thought possible.  She taught me the value of a good education.  She fought for me to use my creativity in life, and still inspires me not to quit.  She has always been one of my closest confidants, and not matter what crazy idea I come up with next she’s always quick behind me ready to help me move forward and make it happen.  She rose up a standard of righteousness in my home and made sure that I was raised in a church.  I can remember singing and worshipping God in the car on our way to and from church on Sunday.  She sowed seeds in my life that continue to grow throughout generations.  It is because of the God in her, that I am who I am today.   
            Somehow as a little girl I think we all have this misguided notion that becoming a parent is easy, and mothering is what one will do while wearing a floral apron with a perfect teased flip hairdo.  That maybe we’ll dole out wisdom with Jell-O molds.  Then motherhood happened, and I found out it’s more like being a soldier at battle in the middle of a trench.  You wake up one day with baby puke in your hair and it’s two in the morning.  You go to wash your face and you don’t recognize your reflection.  You navigate the landmines of the teenage years with a smile and wielding a, “You had better change that attitude before I get across this room missy!  I will not be talked to like that.  I brought you into this world and I can take you out!”  (LOL!) Somewhere in the midst of all of that I discovered mothers really are superheroes.  I am far from being a perfect mother, but I do think God graces us all with the power to raise the children He gave us.  Every day we sow seeds into our children, and daily all we can do is to raise them the way He is showing us. 
It’s not easy.  Mothering, I think, is one of the most challenging and rarely appreciated role on the planet.  It’s being a doctor when the booboo’s happen.  It’s being a lawyer to negotiate sibling argument terms.  It’s being a seamstress when your child rips a whole in their favorite shirt for the tenth time and still will not think of it hitting the trash.  It’s being their pastor.  It’s being their cheerleader, pushing them and encouraging them to move forward and telling them that they can.  Mothering is being a child’s psychiatrist, listening to their hopes, rejections, and fears.  It can mean being their personal maid because someone has to wash their socks.  It’s sometimes being a taxi driver, an analyst, lobbyist, a marketing executive, but most of all it’s being a friend. 
Sometime ago at the end of a business relationship, when he was trying to insult me, told me all I was pretty much ever going to be was a mother.  If I am a fraction of the mother my mom is to me, then I think that’s a pretty darn good accomplishment in my life.  Society puts a negative connotation on being a mom, but really creating legacy is one of the best things you can do on this planet. 
So for all you Mothers out there who often don’t get your due credit, I salute you.  You are the superheroes of the earth.  You are fighting injustice.  You are mending hearts, and matching socks.  Keep listening to the voice of God on how to raise those children, keep praying for them, and keep dreaming big for your lives and your children!
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Funny Faces. . .

In Lieu of a full length blog today. . . I thought I'd just remind you all of a scripture that I think we all need reminded of on occasion.  :-)

Psalm 43:5

The Message (MSG)
Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
    Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God—
    soon I’ll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
                                   He’s my God. 

God has awesome plans for your life!  Get Excited!