Thursday, April 23, 2015

I AM Royalty

            My oldest daughter has been diligently researching our family ancestry on as of recently.  While I had thought prior to this that we had a pretty clear understanding as to who our ancestors were, add the power of the internet and it’s amazing what one will learn.  I am not going into specifics but thousands of years ago we’ve discovered royalty on both sides of my family.  This came as an utter shock to me as well as everyone else, because we certainly never knew this.  To me it just goes to show if you look long enough we’ll find that we’re all related in some way.  It was like being on our own version of TLC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?”   I was joking with my daughter that I was waiting for the line to go back to Noah. The twists and turns we found were so exciting I could easily write a few historical fiction books about what we learned (one day I might). The wild thing about this is the very first time I ever received a prophetic word, part of that word was “Walk like a queen, says God.”  It just goes to show God knew what my lineage entailed.
            As I learned all of this it sent me on my own personal fresh revelation of what being royalty means.  I’ve heard it preached for years that when you are in Christ you become part of a royal priesthood.  I have heard countless sermons about this subject and I’ve heard them, but I don’t think they became revelation to me until now.  The word about walking like a queen was always in my memory, but I never really got it.
            1 Peter 2:9 says, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the Excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
            Once you’ve accept Jesus Christ as your savior, you became royalty.  This means that all of us no matter our own lineage, ARE royalty.  You need to let that sink in for a moment.  We ARE sons and daughters of a KING.  Really think about that.  It’s not about the things we do, or the things we don’t do, but it’s about who our daddy is!  Sure we can live outside his kingdom, but when we choose Him, He will take care of us!  We are known by our father the King.  He makes a way for us, He will take care of us, and He is making sure that His legacy continues.  He wants what is best for us and His kingdom.  It is no longer about our own struggles, but it’s about knowing who our father, The King, IS!  It’s an awesome thing if you let that soak into your brain.           I guess for me, learning about my lineage helped settle this revelation in my life.  Walk like the royalty that you have been created to be.  You are a son and a daughter of THE MOST HIGH!  Perhaps, it’s time that we hold up our head and live like it!  Walk like the royal child that you are.

            God, the KING, has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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