Sunday, May 3, 2015

Too Many Bricks in Your Backpack?

                The other day I found myself having a moment.  I was wallowing in my own self-pity.  I was mentally listing all of the reasons why I found myself not exactly depressed, but a tad bit on the other side of bummed.  Perhaps my reasons seemed to be legitimate to myself, but I was struggling not to start whining and complaining at God.  Perhaps we’ve all found ourselves in that place before. 
In the midst of my moment I heard God deep on the inside of me.  “Anna, do you believe I can change all of those things?”  I felt His voice echo.
                  “Yes.”  My response was simple.  I know God is bigger than my circumstance.  Suddenly I was reminded of a vision I’d had many years ago.  I had been walking from one side of a town to the other and the more I focused how hard it was, or complained, bricks were being added to the backpack I carried around my shoulders.  The focus on all the reasons of why the task before me was so difficult was making my situation seem more and more impossible. 
                    I believe as I sit at my keyboard someone needs to hear this today.  God has made a possible path in your circumstance.  What appears to be impossible is nothing next to God.  Many of us have heard it preached in church that what you focus on will become bigger in your mind.  Will you focus on your trails and circumstances, or will you focus on how big Your God really IS?  He is the I AM.  He is the El-Shaddai.  He is MORE than able to meet you where you are today, and forget walking that path alone, He is right with you cheering you onward.  I’ve been serving God a lot of years now, and I know Him.  He will not let you down.  He always comes through for His children.                   He is a faithful and loving God!  He will see you through this, and He will make a way!
Focus on Him.  You do not need to carry the weight of worry, fatigue, doubt, and complaining around with you.  Allow God to remove the backpack, and press forward to the call of God He has on your life! 

God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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