Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chipotle was my Manna

            My family just got back from a great few day journey. We spent a lot of time in the car, but there were some great memories to be made.  We were blessed to get to finally make it to Kentucky to the Creation Museum.  Dan and I have wanted to go there for years.  One of Dan’s old professors from college is over their scenic/props/puppeteering department.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the museum and visit with this longtime friend.  We then went to the Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati.  My girls have both studied the historical significance of the Ohio River during the slave years prior to this, and it was an eye opening educational experience to them.  We then were able to drive to Pittsburgh for the day, and Dan and I were able to retrace some of our “before we were married roots.”  Here is a picture attached where we restaged his proposal.  Unbeknownst to me, he’d made a ‘ring’ out of a bubblegum wrapper and surprised me with it. We had a super blessed trip.

            However, many of my readers probably aren’t aware I am not of fan of long car rides.  I loathe being stuck in a vehicle for major periods of time.  What is even worse is when I have to drive.  Somewhere in life I have started to struggle with a fear of driving on highways around huge semi-trucks. I make myself continue to do it.  I will not let it overtake me.  I know that God has not given me a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).
            On one of the days it was my turn to drive and most of my family was asleep.  It was raining.  I-70 randomly decided that it wasn’t going to have any lines on the side of the road.  Semi’s were crowding me. The cars behind me were getting mad. The mountains of WV to get to PA were in full force.  I wasn’t feeling well.  I was clutching the steering wheel praying.  By the time my husband woke up he knew I wasn’t doing well.  We were all getting hungry.  I didn’t know where to stop.  I love Mexican food and I love Chiptole.  I had been craving it all day.  However we were on the highway.  I suppose I could have plugged it in my GPS, but I didn’t want to get too far off the highway.  Suddenly I spotted a sign for another restaurant.  I didn’t want to go to that one but I figured that was a sign that this upcoming exit would have some commerce.  I wasn’t going to stop until I got that one.  Something inside of me kept pushing me on. 
            “When are you stopping?”  Dan was starving and I knew he knew that my knuckles were turning white from clutching to the steering wheel.  He wanted to take over.
            “Not until I get to that exit.”  I was firm that something had to be there.
            “What are you in the mood for?”
            “I want Chipotle! But I’ll settle.  We’ll stop there at that exit.”
            Exits were coming and going and I could tell Dan wanted me to stop before, but I was determined.
            Finally when we pulled off the highway the red sign beamed from afar.  The exit had a Chipotle.  I understand this seems like such a small thing to many, but I felt like I had just waged a war getting through this fear I am overcoming, and God was rewarding me with Chipotle!  There were so many stops before I almost pulled over, but yet in the end I got the burrito manna from heaven.
            Perhaps to some this analogy may seem a little cheesy, but not to me.  So many times in our life we persevere and wonder will we ever be rewarded in the end?  We push through without being too sure what the outcome may look like.  I want to promise you today, that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him!  (Hebrews 11:6)  He does not have you walk into a battle without having the outcome prepared.  Me getting my Chipotle fix, I know is so very minor, but at that moment I wanted to get out of that car and hug the lady behind the counter.  It was a big deal to me.  God doesn’t want us to settle, He wants to reward us with what is beyond what we can imagine.  Trust Him today.  If you find yourself in a battle, He is working it out for your good.  Trust Him even in the small things.  He loves you so much that He likes to bless you. He wants to reward you.  You have to trust Him!

God has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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