Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary, Trump, and Navigating Around all the Drama


***This blog is political in nature.  If you don’t agree with me, then that’s fine.  I’m a big girl, but please don’t start a social media battle with me.  I just don’t have time for those shenanigans.  Here is my email address, feel free to use it anna@annamaquino.com****

            This will be a blog that I’m debating on if I will ever release it , and even if I do I’ll admit to writing it, obsessing over it and rewriting it on several occasions which isn’t something I normally do.  Yes, I am writing on the elections and where my vote is going. 

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Seriously and sadly my background music of choice might be a funeral march instead of the National Anthem. (I’M JOKING!)  As I write this, I am not looking for an open discussion on my choice for America’s next president.  The choice I’ve come to has not been an easy one.  The only reason I’m posting who I am voting for because I believe many are torn at this election.  So, I don’t need a bunch of comments yelling at me from either side of this fence.  If you’re reading this then you care about my opinion because either you too are torn or you want to know where I stand.  I didn’t come to my choice lightly.

            I truly and 100% believe that Christians and ALL Americans (who have ID) need to vote!  We must be a good steward over our nation.  I could repeat that over and over again!  Christian Americans have been staying silent for too long.  To quote my own pastor, Pastor Gary Keesee We are so concerned about being politically correct that we have lost our correctness.”   We live in a nation that gives us certain freedoms.  We need to exercise those rights prayerfully and pray that  America makes good choices.  It’s no surprise to any of my readers I am not a fan of the choices or current American administration.  Simply put, I feel we are currently going against everything the founding fathers of America held dear.  My opinions about politics come from a Bible standpoint.  So therefore I will hold what I want in a leader to that standard.  Don’t start preaching separation of church and state to me.  It’s something I don’t believe.  If you can divorce your politics from your personal beliefs then I question how dear you hold those beliefs.  For me my thoughts on faith are very intertwined to where I stand politically.

            In America’s presidential election there are really only two choices for president: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.   I’m not a huge fan of either choice.  I have heard in many Conservative Christian circles people mentioning a 3rd party nomination.  The argument to this is that Abraham Lincoln was a 3rd party choice and he obviously got the presidency.  Since Clinton and Trump are what seem to be our options I actually initially embraced the idea of a 3rd party bid.  However, the names that I’ve heard regarding this might be great people, but they aren’t getting enough publicity.  They don’t have enough of a following, and I truly believe that any vote cast for a 3rd party nomination at this point is wasting a vote.  Seriously, I looked up this 3rd party choice and they weren’t even sure at the time if he was going to get on the ballot?  Really.  I realize that many people I respect will disagree with me on this.  That’s okay, opinions are like noses; we all have them.  However in my opinion the more and more I’ve studied the idea of a 3rd party candidate the more I just don’t see anyone emerging that could garner enough votes to swing the outcome.  To me voting for a 3rd party opens the door for the candidate I REALLY don’t want as president to garnish enough majority to possibly do so.

I hear many argue that voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.  I agree with that statement on one hand however . . . it grieves me to say this, but from where I sit America as a whole has made a choice not to be a Christian nation any longer.  I want it to return to its roots.  I pray for this.  But in this election I don’t see it happening. Sadly so much of America is slipping into a moral decline.  They need God.  I’ve heard many people say that we aren’t voting for a pastor but a president.  In many ways I agree with this.  I wish that we had a mighty man or woman of God running for president.  But our two choices do not seem to reflect that, thus neither does our society.  My vote, in my mind, isn’t going to the ‘lesser of two evils’ but to the one I feel is more open for God to use. To me this is laying ground work for a revival in our nation. And thus the laws to follow. My vote is going to go to the one whose opinions align closer with mine, and the one I feel that would work for Christians in America instead working against them.

The Democratic Party is putting up Hillary Clinton.  I’d like to say something positive about a person, before I really get into the heart of the matter so here goes. My positive point is that she is a woman, and in some peoples mind that would be a positive.  I know that would be a great thing for women in this country.  HOWEVER, I am not a fan of her at all.  I truly believe she needs to be held accountable for Benghazi, email scams, and how her nonprofit deals with funds.  I HATE the way she portrays herself as being above the law.  I truly believe she needs to be in prison for crimes against the American government.  She is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans.  It disgusts me how the liberal media has embraced her. Her views on gun control I find revolting, and her views on abortion makes me want to vomit.  I could keep going on my anti-liberal feelings but I’ll stop there.  Truthfully I was never a Bernie Sanders fan, however I thought he at least had the right to run.  I think Hillary should just be in jail.  I do not feel that she would help Christians in America.  I think that she would be a worse continuation of what has already been happening to this country, and that’s vile.  If people want a woman to vote might I publically ask again for Condoleezza Rice to run for the presidency?  Because I would vote for Condi  in a minute!  Voting for Hillary just because she is a woman is ridiculous. 

So that brings me to the Republican nomination of Donald Trump.  I am not going to lie and say he doesn’t concern me.  I agree with many of his views (not all).  I think that he has a good background for business and balancing corporations which is something America really needs right now.  I agree with his stance on immigration. (Yes, as the wife of a legal immigrant I truly believe that people need to come here legally, and if they don’t then they shouldn’t be here)  I have a list of major concerns about him which include how he flies off at the handle when people tick him off, and starts insulting them. I do not appreciate the way he’s done this in the past.  However I appreciate the fact he isn’t a politician.  I appreciate the fact he doesn’t care if he ticks people off ie. he’s not politically correct, and I appreciate the fact that he wants to make America great again.  Meaning he believes that America was once great, versus his opponent who is trying to make America be something of her own design.  I do not think that Trump would hinder Christians.  It’s been already seen with his wiliness to meet with several major leaders within ministry circles. ISIS has become a very real threat.  We can’t continue to sit in our padded seats and do nothing about it, and I believe that of the two candidates Trump is more likely to defend our nation versus focusing on taking our means of defense (guns). Trump has also said that if he is elected he would repeal the Johnson administrations gag order on the church. Also Mike Pence, Trump’s VP is WELL known for his conservative values.  So, I will be voting Trump for president.

You may not realize this, but the next president has the potential to post several Supreme Court Justices.  That to me is concerning.  Do we want someone posting liberal justices or someone that will be more conservative and balanced?  There is a potential to be appointing anywhere from 2-5 Supreme Court Justices in the next administration.  This my friends, will change a nation.  We have to look at the bigger picture in this election.

I felt that I needed to come out and say this for many reasons.  I know I’m not the only one that has desperately labored over this choice.  For me to come to this conclusion wasn’t easy, and I wished I had another option.  There are many Christians that are choosing not to vote or voting for this 3rd party.  Many of these people I greatly respect and due to that it was a difficult choice for me to come out and say how I am voting and why. I love America and I feel called to this nation.  I am not a huge fan of either of these choices but to me the answer is clear.  This nation cannot continue to slip down the moral decline that it’s on, and think that’s okay.  America is at a crossroads and we need to speak the truth, we need to be praying, and we need to vote. I know this is the right choice for me.  I pray that y’all seek what you feel is best for you and the future of our nation, and come to your own conclusions.  Dear people of God above all remember to pray for this nation.  I want America to be great again.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!


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