Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes, I just want to be normal

There are days I just want to be normal!

There are days that I look at my life and the accomplishments of those around me and think, “Why can’t I just be normal maybe be just the type of person that would blend into the world around me?” Why didn’t I do x, y and z with my life instead of what I chose? I mean x, y and z isn’t a normal ambition for those people, but why would it have been for me?

I remember in Sunday School class in my tween years. I would usually know the answer to the teacher’s question and wanted not only to answer the question but also to then get in a discussion as to the Biblical foundation of it. I can remember constantly holding myself back from speaking because I didn’t want to be “that girl” in the class. I just wanted to be normal.

While I still have these moments, somewhere in past I realized something very important. God created me for a plan and purpose and I am who I am because God created me to be like that.

Psalm 139:13For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

We are precious in the eyes of God. He loves us even when it feels like the world around us doesn’t understand us. Will you be a slave to what you think others think of you, or be brought into freedom by what God says about you?

1 Corinthians 7:23 (AMP)
You were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for by Christ]; then do not yield yourselves up to become [in your own estimation] slaves to men [but consider yourselves slaves to Christ].

Really? What is normal anyway? Normal is relative to whom you’re talking to, and the people you’re around. In the word, God says you’re not normal. That you’ll be an “alien” on the earth because you’re not of the world. You’re of God’s kingdom.

Romans 2:14 (MSG)
When outsiders who have never heard of God's law follow it more or less by instinct, they confirm its truth by their obedience. They show that God's law is not something alien, imposed on us from without, but woven into the very fabric of our creation. There is something deep within them that echoes God's yes, no, right, and wrong. Their response to God's yes and no will become public knowledge on the day God makes his final decision about every man and woman. The Message from God that I proclaim through Jesus Christ takes into account all these differences.

Deep on the inside of you, there is the fabric of God woven from the creation of your very being. You are doing yourself and the world around you a disservice if you are more concerned about blending in than you are about doing the destiny on your life. There is freedom in being who you were created to be in this life. There is a freedom of purpose and destiny. You have to fear God more than you fear the world around you.

So while I’ll admit I have my moments of wondering why God didn’t just create me to blend in and be normal. . . .it’s okay. Because we all need to grab tightly to what our destiny is, and even if there are moments of feeling a little uncomfortable, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Choose God’s way over feeling normal. . .because to you normal would just end up being boring.


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