Sunday, February 20, 2011

Because It's A Surprise

This weekend we got the opportunity to go to the beach with some dear friends of ours. I knew when the chance arose that if I told the kids where we were going we would get riddled with questions, and prying as to when are we going? How we were going to get there? Was it time to leave yet? Etc. Etc. If you’ve been around young children you understand what I’m talking about. So I made the choice to surprise them. However I made an error because I told them there was a surprise and instead of hearing questions over and over again about going to the beach I got questions over and over again about what was the topic of the surprise. I found myself wanting to scream “JUST TRUST ME!” over and over again.

There are times in life we don’t always know exactly where the Lord is leading us. He usually doesn’t reveal everything to us. Maybe we can see the long term goals in our lives but those short term goals seem a little vague. I know there have been times I’ve asked the Lord twenty million questions and acted just like my kids. “God, where are we going? God why do I have to go here for? God this is not comfortable? God what are you doing?” The questions have gone on and on. God loves us His children, but I would bet there are times He’s spoken to each and every one of us with the gentle correction of “JUST TRUST ME!”

If God is really Lord in your life you have to start trusting Him despite what you can understand. You have to realize that you can’t see the whole picture, but God can. He sees the end from the beginning and while things may not make sense to you, God sees the bigger picture.

Isaiah 55:8-11 (MSG)
8-11"I don't think the way you think.
The way you work isn't the way I work."
God's Decree.
"For as the sky soars high above earth,
so the way I work surpasses the way you work,
and the way I think is beyond the way you think.
Just as rain and snow descend from the skies
and don't go back until they've watered the earth,
Doing their work of making things grow and blossom,
producing seed for farmers and food for the hungry,
So will the words that come out of my mouth
not come back empty-handed.
They'll do the work I sent them to do,
they'll complete the assignment I gave them.

There is a cry resounding from heaven, and I can hear it loud and clear. God is beckoning His people to trust Him. He’s saying “Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense right now, but Trust Me. I have good plans for your life!” Will you trust Him today? Will you be at peace knowing that He loves you more than words can say, and His plans for you are awesome. Trust Him today. You’re best is yet to be! 


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