Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Now The Pool is Heated....

As many of you know I’m currently in full swing on my Northern Tour. It’s been so nice to be spending some time with my family in OH. I’ve joked for years that though God took this Northerner out of the North, the Buckeye is still part of the girl. My parents have had an in ground outside pool on their property. I grew up swimming in the midst of the Ohio woods. The setting really is this picturesque place, but it was always so cold. The pool wasn’t heated. In fact I remember being told to “jump right in and eventually we’d just get used to the water.” My sister and I have joked about this for years, and in fact if some of you grew up with me you’ll laugh about memories in the frigid pool. After my sister and I grew up and have had our own children, a pool heater was finally purchased. This makes for a much more pleasant experience, the grandkids love coming to swim and an endless stream of jokes have arose. Because you know when I was a kid it was so cold they made us swim with ice cubes that were floating in the water, and I tried to put on a wet suit to swim but they told me I wasn’t allowed to, and I was made to swim at least a mile so I could get the feeling back into my toes ***insert sarcasm here *** It’s the sound of a legacy to want to make life easier or better for the next generation. God speaks often about creating a legacy in the word. Genesis 17:7 "I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you." God thinks this way. His mind isn’t always about this generation, but it’s simultaneously focusing on the generations to come. In fact, in parenting that needs to be our focus as well. Building legacy so that our children and our grandchildren can run the race set before them. How can we teach the next generation so that they won’t have to go through some of the things you had to, How can we raise up a standard? You have to remember than not only does God have awesome plans for your life, but He has awesome plans for those little lives He puts around you too. So yes, get excited for His plans for you….but also get excited for those lives that are in your legacy. They need encouragement, and you like a stream need someone to pour your wisdom into. Remember Titus 2:3-4, may the older in the Lord begin to mentor the younger. May we learn to be grateful that the next generation has a heated pool, and not focus on the fact that maybe we had to freeze our buns off when we were that age. :-) LOL, remember God does has awesome plans for our lives, so let’s get excited!

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