Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Update on Defending Freedom of Speech


This afternoon I went to the meeting with the principal and the teacher regarding the incident I spoke about this morning in this blog. 

While the teacher’s definition (as spoken in front of his boss and the principal) of what went on and was said in his classroom certainly deferred from what I was told by my daughter, it was good to hear both sides of the story.  Of course I do believe that the teacher backpedaled a bit, and I believe my child.  I am choosing to let this situation go.  At this point I will not be going to the media.  I felt that I needed to take a stand for Freedom of Speech.  In my own corner of the world, I believe I did.  However I won't hesitate to do cause a stink again if I feel this situation continues to happen.

Thank you to all who prayed with me during this drama.  Smiles!

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