Monday, January 20, 2014

Don't Fight God's Dream, Learning from Dr. King


Yesterday after church my girls, Dan and I sat around the table eating chili and talking with my oldest daughter about her future.  She was telling us about some dreams she’d had, and we were trying to instruct her as best any parents could. 

Without thinking much about what I was saying I responded to her, “Let me give you a piece of advice that I wish someone would have told me regarding the destiny on your life.  Don’t fight it.  The earlier you accept what God is doing, hook into it, the more He can do through you and the less you’ll be miserable in the process.”  I remember that while I probably fought the call of God on my life less than most, I had some moments that I really wasted time fighting.  People may want to argue this point with me.  Didn’t God give us free will?  What are we just pawns on his big game board? 

My answer to that is both yes and no.  God did give us free will but he created us for purpose.  If we’re not hooked into that purpose it affects our life and those around us.  Fight against what God has already given us the grace and ability to do get frustrating.  It’s like you’re a puzzle piece constantly trying to fit where you just were never meant to fit.  (Jer 29:11)

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Honestly he is one of my hero’s in both faith and in life.  This morning I realized that he was only 39 when he was killed.  For a man who was only 39, what an amazing legacy he left.  His dream continues to echo for generations.  I believe that His dream was God’s dream.  As a minister on the earth, he did so much more than just preaching from a pulpit, but he stood up for righteousness.  That pebble dropped in the water continues to ripple around the globe.  Truthfully I’m sure he fought the call of God at moments in his life.  I think we all have.  But for accomplishing what he did in 39 short years, he couldn’t have fought long.  He hooked up with God’s plan, and made history.

Wrestling with God will just cause long sleepless nights.  Jacob tried to do this, and he walked with a limp the rest of his life.  Grin.  (Please no emails or comments arguing this point.  I get it; you can look at this account in Genesis various ways.)

Whatever God has called you to do, might I give you the same advice I just gave to my daughter?  Don’t fight it, embrace it.  Don’t be stupid, get godly counsel and wisdom.  Don’t run from it, but run to it.  There just isn’t time for wasted time.  Your life is a vapor. While it’s up to you how you use it, submit to God’s plans and use it wisely.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.


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