Monday, July 7, 2014

Changing Directions, Getting To Your Destination

            As most of you reading this probably know, my family just relocated across the country.  While I did grow up in some of the areas I have been in, many places are new.  When one goes through a major change like this, it can and does take time to get used to the new way of doing things, traveling roads, etc. etc.
            Last week I had to be at an appointment an hour from where we are currently staying.  I gave myself an extra 25 minutes just in case. I ran into traffic and confess I started to panic just a tad.  I do not do late.  In my mind late is only 5 minutes early.  I knew that I could bypass most of the traffic by turning down a road that I know I could go down but I wasn’t overly sure how I could get to where I was going from there.  I started to really question changing my course.   I wasn’t sure I could get to where I needed to go by making the left turn, but I couldn’t stay in traffic and be at my appointment on time.  I knew I had to turn.  This is where I have to say praise God for GPS, because I did eventually get to where I needed to go.  I ended up having about 4 minutes to spare.  While my left hand turn was risky to me, that choice and a GPS is what got me to my appointment on time.
            Things in life happen that can change the course we have planned out in our mind.  Often we think that we know how to get to where we want to go.   Life happens and we have to pray, ask the Holy Spirit, and navigate the changes in how we thought we’d get to where we need to go.  I love the picture above because it’s so true.  Now God DOES NOT bring sickness, calamity, or destruction so please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. John 10:10 Jesus came so that His children may have life and life abundantly.  What I’m saying is sometimes there are detours and hurdles we face whether it’s our own doing or other forces and we have to be sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit to make the turns we need to make even if it doesn’t look like what you had mapped out.
            Many people go through life never asking the Holy Spirit how to navigate certain roads and then they find themselves at dead ends or places that God never designed them to go down.

            John 10:27 (KJV)

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me
            Hear His voice for your life today.  Trust in those moments when He is leading you to make a few turns even if you aren’t sure how you’re going to get to where you think you need to go.  Trust Him, because the Holy Spirit always works things out.  You’ll find His ways are always better than what you could ever think of or imagine.
            Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!
*Keep us in prayer.  We are believing for exceedingly abundant favor coming our way.  Thank you.

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