Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just Call Me 'Fiber Mom'

On Sunday we stayed after church.  Dan was helping in a department, and we’re still currently living about an hour away.  But we are starting to talk to a real estate agent so we’ll be moving over there soon…I hope.  It only made logical sense that we packed a lunch and all stayed.  However, I did have a parenting fail.  I should have brought a tablet, electronic, or a game that we could have done while we were waiting.  Of course we could have gone into our church’s playground but honestly I’m just now thinking of that.  My youngest especially needed some entertaining and it wasn’t long until they were pilfering like pirates through my purse and perusing my jewelry. 
I have a bracelet that says “Fierce” on it.  I bought it right before preaching a conference once; I always love wearing it to remind me to be boldly confident.  I noticed my youngest daughter starring at it, and truthfully I didn’t pay much attention to her.  Suddenly her voice pierced through the bored silence. 
“Mommy, why are you wearing a bracelet that says Fiber on it?”
“Look mommy it’s just missing the ‘B’.”  I started to laugh realizing that she was only seeing half the bracelet. 
**Insert Super Hero Theme Music Here** “Just call me ‘Fiber Mom’.
While the above is a funny story and I’ll joke about being ‘Fiber Mom’ for a while, it really is a testament how so often all of us rush to make assertions and they only stop to view half the picture. 
I get shocked, saddened, and embarrassed when a well-known individual passes away and one can see the judgmental people automatically assuming that this person either went to Heaven or Hell. They don’t hide their feelings they post them for the world to view on Facebook and Twitter.  While we are viewing their lives outwardly, only God knows their heart. (Acts 1:24) We don’t know what went through their minds at their last dying breath.  We don’t know where they were with God, only God does.  Sure it can be easy to make quick assumptions.  We can hold what they did to what the word of God says, but God knows the rest of the story.
I want to remind everyone today to simply ‘Slow Down’.  Our culture is always quick to live their lives on fast forward.  When we do this we only get fragments of the story, and quickly make judgments that aren’t ours to make.  Slow down and get the rest of the picture.  Absolutely run it by the word of God, but ultimately we all have to realize that God sees a bigger picture.  Sometimes simply put, there is just more than what we see.
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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