Monday, October 6, 2014

We're Not In Florida Anymore...

            I have never been a lover of cold weather.  I can remember that when I lived in the north going out to scrape my car windows muttering “Dear God Please send me somewhere warm!”  Well.  He did.  I lived in Florida for over 13 years.  For over 13 years I experienced the seasons of “hot and hotter”.   While Florida weather isn’t ideal, flip flops are a clothing “must have” year round.  I hardly ever wore socks.  For 13.5 years I visited colder weather fondly at Christmas time, and then returned to climates where their idea of winter weather meant you might have to throw on a sweatshirt.  While I always missed the seasons I NEVER missed the cold. 
            My family and I moved to Ohio this year in June.  We all knew this was God’s doing. While I knew the winter months would be arriving, I tried very hard to put all of this out of my mind.  Really one needs to pursue the place and location God has prepared for them over the comfort of the climate.
            Fall has hit this year.  My family went out to see a movie on Saturday and I looked out at my oldest daughter who swore though the sky was producing a frozen rain sleet combo, flip flops were appropriate attire.  Sigh… and I’ll admit my annoyance of everyone telling met this year is supposed to be some insanely cold year that parallels to last year’s polar vortex. 
Ok, I still have NO regret to moving back to Ohio.  However, I’ll also admit to beginning to guard my tongue from complaining.  If God felt this was our land then perhaps I need to watch what I say about the weather and continue to declare “I am graced to be here.”  I mean really, an excuse to shop for warmer clothing isn’t always such a bad thing. . .and we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us…..including to adapt to this climate.
We all go through these kinds of seasons don’t we?  We find ourselves in situations that are not comfortable or ideal.  However the last time I took stock of my life, it’s in the most uncomfortable times, I have grown the most.  When the Israelites began complaining and murmuring about their situation they ticked off God.  Let us all learn the valuable lesson of guarding our tongues and attitudes in those moments.  Really, what is having to learn to wear boots over flip flops in the grand scheme of things?  I want to encourage all of you to adapt to where God has planted you.  Trust him and declare you are graced for your race, and boldly move forward in all He says to do.

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.

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