Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Grumpy Old Faith

Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could stay comfortably grumpy in our old time religion.  The world has had enough of a room full of curmudgeons, who argue over who gets to carry the post-it notes at the next service meeting.  They don’t want to go into rooms and see smiles painted onto people who spent the night in a local bar.  They’re tired of narcissistic hypocrisy with cold wooden pews and hymnals with layers of dust.  No longer is this a culture where Leave It To Beaver smiles can reign supreme, as silently the members are counting the moments until the sermon draws to a close.  Religion is like concrete that has weighted down the church, leaving it to feel its carrying a 10 pound noose in its teeth.  Jesus did not die on the cross so that churches could become social clubs. 
I once heard a story about a man who purposely dyed his hair green and walked into a church just to see their reaction.  Maybe his motive was a little for attention, but he got the reaction he thought he’d get.  He got a bunch of people who avoided him, yet preached on love.  Jesus didn’t die on the cross for just chosen, but he died for everyone. 
It’s time for the church to wake up!  Waking up the church doesn’t mean we need to develop another 12-step program.  To be relevant we don’t need to water down the gospel.  The world simply needs to see real people serving a real living God.  They need to see a church shining for Jesus.  Jesus is no longer in the grave so why do we as the Church act like He is?
Maybe I’m just too young to fit in the older generation, yet just too old to fit in with the next.  I believe the Church is about to break out of the molds of yesteryear like the earth has never seen.  I believe the earth is yearning and waiting for the sons and daughters of God to take their place (Romans 8:19).   I believe we as the body of Christ are facing a choice.  Will we unite as His bride and arise or will we continue to try to keep the walls of spiritual apartheid as a block from seeing God’s will be manifest? 
I do not pretend to have all the answers.  I am just one voice.  However, I know who does have all the answers.  Dear Church and world, may I reintroduce you to Jesus Christ.  He wasn’t fake.   He loves to laugh.  He is just as relevant now as He was 2000 years ago.  He was not a grumpy old man. Despite late nights on BBC’s interpretation, while he was on the earth He didn’t speak with a British accent.  He loves everyone, and He’s tired of people who claim to love Him taking His name in vain.  He wasn’t religious.  He had a relationship with His Daddy in Heaven and so can we.

Dear Church, Jesus isn’t dead!  Up from the grave He arose.  Let us start living like we believe that.  Let us be revived and shake the world for His glory.  Our lives here on this earth are so short, and our eternities are eternal.  Let us not forget why we are here.  May we rise up, and shine for Jesus.
God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited!

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