Sunday, April 10, 2011

Because Monkeys Have Braces

This afternoon I made an apple crisp and I as I was taking it out of the oven my youngest came running through the house asking me what I had made.

“An apple crisp,” I replied as I tried not to burn my fingers.

“Oh!” She began to run around again. “Mom, what did you make?” She asked me again. I know it is a standard childhood issue. However, it really irritates me that I am always feeling like I have to repeat myself repeatedly.

“Monkeys have braces.” I responded. I was joking. I assumed she would laugh at me, and keep running around the house.

“Mom made braces!” She went running to tell my oldest, “Do you want some?”

I had to giggle at her. Then I began to think how much we do the same thing to God.

The Bible is clear that we would hear the voice of God.

John 10:27 (NIV)
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

Nevertheless, some of us, me included have the same habit as my youngest. No matter how many times He has talked to me on an issue, I am always asking the same thing again. I am always questioning what He has told me repeatedly. So the questions are either: I am not really heeding what He is saying in the first place? Or is it I am not trusting Him enough when He tells me the first time?

We have to start caring about what God is saying when He says it. As I type that, I realize that many of us think we do, but if we have to ask Him to repeat Himself twenty million times are we really heading what He said. Being able to have a relationship with the Lord is an honor and a privilege. If we want to mature in the Lord, we must begin to treat it as such.

I am convinced that trust is one of the earmarks of a mature believer. Trusting God is not dependant upon if the manifestation comes overnight. Trust is not dependant upon the circumstance. But Trusting God is unconditional. It is choosing to believe in Him, over every thing else. When Peter walked out on the water (Matt 14:29) He had to choose to believe He could because Jesus told Him too. He did not start to drown until He took His eyes off Jesus and put them on the storm. Even then, Jesus reached down to save Him.

I often think of Noah who in faith built and ark for 100 years because of one encounter with God. Yet so many of us if God doesn’t tell us 50 times in a week, do a sign and a wonder, jump up and down, and swing us around we don’t really listen to Him.

We have to open our ears to what His Spirit is saying to us today. I am not saying God will get irritated at you or give you false information like I did to my daughter. No, not at all. However we do need to start heeding God’s voice. We cannot get where we need to go without His voice. His voice needs to be precious to you. So that you do not need to stop and ask repeatedly, but that, you go with it. Spend time with Him and let Him talk to you. Choose to believe Him today. He has great plans for you life. 

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