Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beware of Birds Stealing Your Lunch

While I was at the book signing on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Dan took the girls to the beach at Treasure Island. I had packed them a lunch of peanut butter / jelly sandwiches and other snacks. The way I saw it was a good excuse for some quality time with the girls and their dad. The story that I’m about to relate is what Dan told me. But I couldn’t resist telling this story, because there is a good lesson in it.

Dan was telling me that when he and the girls stopped to have their picnic on the beach, he took out the food and they began to settle down and eat. He had his sandwich and he wasn’t paying attention. He would take a bite and look the other direction. Suddenly he felt something jar him quickly and he turned to his sandwich and it was still in his hand. He thought “huh, that’s odd.” So he took another bite and turned his head. Like a shock wave, he felt it again. This time either the bird was too slow, or Dan was too fast because he saw the seagull. It had spotted Dan and his sandwich and kept waiting until he turned to take a bite. Who knew that seagulls had a love of peanut butter and jelly?

The Bible is clear that there is a real enemy out there to us.

John 10:10The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

The devil wants to steal or stuff, destroy us and kill us. What typically happens is he’ll find areas in our life that maybe we’ve turned our spiritual attention away from and sneak up on us. He is a thief. The good news is we have authority over him. Jesus gave it to us in Luke 10:19 (there are many scriptures to back this up).

What happened with Dan on the beach didn’t keep happening. Dan saw the bird stealing his sandwich and he moved. He ate it. He did something so the bird couldn’t keep stealing his food. You have to learn to do something when you recognize a tactic of the enemy. You can’t just keep on letting him steal your stuff. But you have to speak forth, “In Jesus name, you have to stop!”

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is coming up this week. May it be a reminder of how awesome God is. How Jesus was brutally murdered on the cross for our sins, beat up the devil and rose again. May it be a reminder that we don’t have to let the enemy come in and steal our stuff. The authority has been given to us. Remember He has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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