Monday, October 28, 2013

I Skipped Along the Path, and Kissed the Pavement!

This Saturday Dan, my youngest daughter, and I took our dog Mojo to the St. Cloud Lakefront.  It’s a nice park, beach, and has a long walkway out to a covering and benches.  I confess my attitude was a little snarky, and I was trying to put on a happy smile.  We walked down the pathway to the covered area, and on our way back my youngest daughter starting to skip.

“Come on Mom.  You skip too!”  I realized I looked ridiculous skipping with her back to the park, but I have to admit it was helping my attitude just a tad.  She started giggling because in her mind she made her old mom skip.  We both started to laugh; perhaps for a brief instant we had a picture perfect mother daughter moment.  Until, and I don’t know why now, I purposely got off the path.  As a result I twisted my ankle badly, came down hard on my opposite knee, and collapsed hard on the pavement.  I could feel the pavement inside of the palms of my hands where I tried to block my fall.  I’ve had a lot of injuries in my life.   I knew right away I was hurt, but I was pretty sure nothing was broken.  I hate making a scene but I wanted to scream.  Dan came running over with the dog.  I sat there trying to bite my tongue, not wanting to cry, and certainly not wanting my youngest to think it was her fault her mom was such a klutz.  They let me sit there for a few moments as I felt sorry for myself.  My ankle was swollen, and my knee was already starting to swell.

“Ok Mom, are you ready to get up now?”  My youngest piqued up after a few moments.  Honestly I couldn’t believe she said that to me.  We always joke in the family that child will either make a good manager or drill sergeant.  Couldn’t she see I was in pain?  But slowly I started to pray, and painstakingly started to move forward.  In the end though I felt like a dork, I did end up with a sore ankle and a bruise the size of a golf ball on my knee cap that I’m still trying to take it easy on. 

You know we’ve all ‘fallen’ at some point in our lifetime.  We’ve all messed up, sat on the side of the road, and just wanted to stay there and cry.

Proverbs 24:16a (ESV) for the righteous falls seven times and rises again

            Just as I wanted to on Saturday, my daughter wasn’t going to let me stay down.  She was like a soldier in combat.  She wasn’t going to let me stay behind.  We’ve all needed people in our life like that; People who will let us cry but ultimately they won’t let us stay defeated, People who are used by God to encourage us and to get up and keep running our race. 

            I preach a lot on unity in the Body of Christ, and it’s so true.  As I thought about this story I kept thinking how many people are on the side of the road of life hurting, and just need someone to say, “Hey are you ready to get up now?  Let me help you!”  Sometimes all it takes is a hug, a prayer, or an encouraging word to help someone get right back on track. 

So as I take it easy on my ankle and knee for the next few days, may this remind you an important lesson.  May you look for opportunities to help those around you.  May you remember that life isn’t all about you, and though you may have pressing problems there is a world out there hungry to see a real Jesus through you. 

Remember God has awesome plans for your life.  Get excited.


  1. I am sorry to hear about this, Anna. May Jesus heal you quickly. Amen. I too had this happen a year and a half ago on the way to visiting someone in the Psych Ward. Covered with blood, I didn't go to the Psych Ward, lest I scare the patients and not be let out. ;)

  2. LOL :-) All is well. Just a little bruised up. I appreciate the concern. Smiles!