Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clearing off the Stepping Stones

I’ve been working very hard on a project that has a very quick coming deadline, and I’ll confess to be working so hard I’ve spent a lot of time at my desk away from daylight. I might have forgotten for a few moments what the outside might look like. Dan and I have been praying about several things regarding our life and ministry and have been seeking His will for our future.

While I was waiting to head over to get the girls from school, I stepped away from my desk this afternoon. I looked down to the stepping stone that is right beside our entry way to our home. It’s has a block O on it from The Ohio State University. I remember when my grandmother gave it to me. I think it may have been the year I graduated from OSU, but I don’t know. It was a Christmas present.

However my stepping stone hadn’t been tended to in a while. The Florida grass had begun to grow over it and I could barely tell there was even a stepping stone there. It was still there but hidden and away under a lot of dirt and weeds.

As I found myself cleaning it up, I began to reflect on this. We all have things in our lives that are part of who we are on the earth. We all have situations and stories that God has used to shape us, and has helped put us on the course He has for us. They are like stepping stones in our lives. But often those divine encounters have a tendency to get lost in the time and weeds of life. They have a tendency to get hidden from view, and suddenly you find yourself on a path where they seem only like distant memories.

As I began to pull off the weeds off my stepping stone, I began to think of the situations in my life that have been stepping stones for me. I began to remember times where I knew God had directed me to go and do certain things. I began to see the bigger picture and how God had always been faithful to us. There are times in your life where reflection, or dusting off your stepping stones, helps encourage you in the things of God.

Isaiah 46:9 (NKJV) Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me,

Sometimes when you remember those things that were the foundations, and the stepping stones of your life, it helps you put your next steps in perspective. It helps you realize that God has never left your side, and He is a good and might Abba Father for you. So take some time in reflection. Dust off your stepping stones. Find out what God is saying now for your life. Remember He does have awesome plans for you. Get excited!

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