Monday, August 20, 2012

My Pity Party Moment

I had a moment yesterday. Call it what you want…a moment, a pity party, a funk, a crying and letting irrational thoughts run wild, or just a need to renew my mind moment. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I have them. I’m a creative dramatic female so sometimes I need to guard my emotions probably more than most. I’m doing better not to have them often like I used to, but I had a moment. I had a really wise woman once tell me once, “that everyone has a moment here and there but the true measure of a person is if they stay in that moment or get out of it and start to renew their mind to the word.”

I found myself out in the garage bawling my eyes out over something that was that was really very minor, but because my wheels in my mind were already churning…one thought led to another and another, and before I stopped myself I was crying.
Many a times my prayer closet, when my family is home tends to be my garage. Usually it’s the one place I can go where I won’t get interrupted.

After I sat in a white plastic chair bawling my eyes out, I sat and waited for God to speak to me on the matter. Dr. John Watson who passed away 2 years ago was a mentor to me in the faith. I can remember he used to always say that if you have a moment with God, you needed to wait and listen to His response. That so often in prayer it’s like people pick up the telephone, have a one sided conversation, but we needed to wait for God to respond.

John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

You can hear the voice of God! After my moment I heard His voice on a few matters. As much as my wave of tears had subsided God’s voice can calm the storms that can rage in our lives. One word from God can change everything. It can get easy to get caught up in the waves and circumstances that seem to rage against us in life. However, hear from God and hear God’s word on the matter. Let Him calm the storm.

I’m okay now. Sure the circumstances are still there, but I’m okay because God told me it was going to be okay. Listen for God’s voice. He will speak to you too in the midst of your situations. Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand, but circumstances cannot dictate your destiny. Your circumstances must change. Remember God has awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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