Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Bills That Weren't

Yesterday I got two bills in the mail, and I confess I started to get a tiny bit upset. Last year when I took my girls to their yearly visit to the doctor, I was assured that my insurance company covered all copays for it. Then three months later I got a bill, for which I paid. So this year we went to the dr’s appointment and was again assured I wouldn’t have to pay for the copay, and yesterday I got a bill. I was annoyed and upset. I’ll admit I was starting to get a tad snarky. It wasn’t just about the money, but it was also just the aggravation that is the healthcare rat race. At first I was just going to go ahead and pay for the bills, but hesitantly I opted to call the doctor’s office and voice my irritation. After I explained to them the issue, they emphatically told me that my insurance company doesn’t charge us copays for that service and I shouldn’t be charged, but instead of it being taken care of I had to call the insurance company. Calling any insurance company and getting caught up in the automated phone system is never good for a peace gauge. After trying twice, getting in the wrong place in their answering system, and finally reaching a live person that spoke English, I pleaded my case. At first she tried to tell me it was the dr’s office fault, but then she looked at our file. It was the insurance companies fault, and to add to the shocker on this I am getting a credit because the same mistake was made last year. I was irritated about the whole situation. But am very glad it turned around and has been figured out. Many of you know that my copy of Charles Capps, “God’s Creative Power” is one of my favorite books on the planet next to the Bible. I’m of the feeling that every Christian needs a copy. Almost every day I speak the ‘success’ scriptures/phrases and one of those got me thinking during my insurance ordeal. “My mind is renewed by the Word of God; I forbid thoughts of failure and defeat to inhabit my mind.” (Eph 4:23) This is something I’ve meditated a lot on in the last few months. It’s so easy for our brains to go to the worst case scenarios in situations, and think the worst can happen. But as Joyce Meyer says, “The battlefield is really in the mind.” You have to continue to program your mind for success. You have to continue to speak the word of God over situations, and you have to refuse to believe the fact that God has set you up for defeat. He loves you. Just as Jeremiah 29:11 says, He has good plans for your life. Sure my ordeal with the insurance company was minor. But even in major situations, if you’ve committed your life to be in God’s hands, trust Him that it’ll all work out. Remember, He does have awesome plans for your life. Get excited!

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