Monday, April 1, 2013

We Got Our Mojo


            When my youngest daughter was about 2 years old she was running a high fever and in her sleep began speaking.  She kept tossing and turning saying, “I want a dog.  I want a dog.”  Today about five years later, It has become a family joke.  We always intended on the possibility of getting one, but there were several reasons why we held out.  As I mentioned in my last blog, we had since decided that the time had come, but for some wacky reason we kept facing challenges and challenges about getting the right dog.

            Yesterday my family and I drove to Gainesville to meet the breeders of mini dauschunds.  We were supposed to exchange and had numerous texts back and forth, however they didn’t show up.  After everything we’d gone through Dan and I both started to panic.  It was like this must be some crazed sign that it really isn’t the right time for us to get a dog.  I was about to cry and say, “Ok, I get the point.”  Finally the owner called us.  We had a communication error, and they were on our way, but it would take another hour.  We got our little Mojo.  It just took us longer than we’d expected, we had to drive more than we planned, and patience on a dog with two kids is never easy.

            Since we’ve brought him home, both my girls have continued to say, “I can’t believe we have a dog!  All the waiting was really worth it!  I’m so excited!”   He seems to fit in perfectly with our family. 

            Isn’t destiny and life so much like this?  It always takes longer than you think.  But when it finally happens you see that it is and it was really worth it. 

Habakkuk 2:3  For still the vision awaits its appointed time;     it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
    it will surely come; it will not delay.

            Perhaps equating divine destiny with getting a dog seems so very simplistic.  But in the moments I thought we’d been stood up again, I was so ready to give up and drive home.  So was Dan.  Often the hardest days we face are right before our biggest breakthroughs.  Don’t let trials make you give up.  Wait on what God has said. 

            Remember, God has awesome plans for your life.  In His appointed time it will happen.  Get Excited!

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